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If you like the kind of person that marches to the beat of his own drummer, Austin Texas is the place to be. An eclectic and artistic town in the middle of desert and conservatism, the city is both the capital of Texas and its strangest child. It just doesn't fit in. Unlike most of Texas, there are quite a few young people that flock to Austin to take in the bars, social events and music scene. It's trendy to want to live there and visit. It is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, which can tell you a lot about a place.


Downtown Austin is an exciting place to be for someone that wants to be in on the coolest events in the city. With an exceptionally high livability rating, the employment opportunities are great, the crime is very low, and educational rates and employment is high. It's a much better place to live than most places in the United States. The downside? High cost of living compared to other areas of Austin. But this seems to be the case for many places that have a very high quality of life, so you should expect a price tag to come with it. With historic theaters, bars, restaurants, and newly restored urban neighborhoods galore, downtown is a great place for singles or young couples.

Barton Hills

Located southwest of downtown, Barton Hills is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Austin, trailing behind downtown as the favorite spot to live in the city. Barton Creek is north of the neighborhood and has lots of green space surrounding it, making Barton Hills a pleasant place overall. South, there is a strip with every commercial shop you can imagine. It looks like Barton Hills has similar ratings to downtown, with the high cost of living to match. Right outside the city and closer to nature, this area of Austin would be great for couples with families. The educational opportunities are excellent.

Old West Austin

Old West Austin is, you guessed it, west of downtown and is the historic area of the city composed of three neighborhoods: Old Enfield, Pemberton Heights and Bryker Woods. Enfield, in particular, is the district with the oldest colonial-style homes in the area. Old West Austin gets good grades on the amenities it provides, the education it offers its young people and the lack of crime. The weather, of course, is spectacular in this area of Texas for most of the year, plus you have all these beautiful homes to marvel at on your walks around your neighborhood. It's another exceptionally livable place in the Austin area and is great for those with the disposable income to buy a home there. It's best for couples and families with established careers.