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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Albuquerque, NM

Prioritizing safety is essential when contemplating a move to a new location. There are certain areas to avoid in Albuquerque, as they exhibit higher than normal crime rates. Routine activities like walking alone at night or leaving vehicles unattended can inadvertently trigger criminal acts, particularly in neighborhoods considered high-risk. Albuquerque serves as an illustrative case of a city grappling with such concerns, primarily due to its expansive size and high population density. Drawing from recent crime data, we've compiled a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Albuquerque for 2024. These rankings are predicated on the incidence of violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery and assault) per 100,000 residents in each neighborhood, juxtaposed against the city's overall violent crime average. Our identification of the most worst neighborhoods in Albuquerque is grounded in crime data furnished by the local law enforcement agency, supplemented by demographic data estimates where official statistics are unavailable.

Within the city limits of Albuquerque, certain neighborhoods stand out for their disproportionate prevalence of violent crime. These areas, characterized by complex socio-economic dynamics and historical factors, often grapple with systemic challenges that contribute to elevated levels of criminal activity. By shining a spotlight on these communities, policymakers, law enforcement agencies and community leaders are empowered to implement targeted interventions aimed at fostering safer environments and addressing the root causes of violence. Understanding the human impact behind each statistic is crucial. Individuals and families bear the brunt of violent crime. These rankings of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Albuquerque not only serve as a tool to pinpoint areas needing urgent attention but also spur collective action for the safety and well-being of all residents. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders, Albuquerque can strive for secure, resilient and opportunity-rich neighborhoods. Tackling urban safety requires a multifaceted approach beyond statistics, addressing socio-economic disparities and enhancing community-police relations. By promoting inclusivity and empowerment, Albuquerque can pave the way for a safer future.

Population 745
Violent Crimes 5,944 crimes / 100k people
331% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 6,415
Violent Crimes 4,555 crimes / 100k people
230% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 516
Violent Crimes 4,257 crimes / 100k people
208% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 984
Violent Crimes 4,128 crimes / 100k people
199% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 1,797
Violent Crimes 3,835 crimes / 100k people
178% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 1,514
Violent Crimes 3,690 crimes / 100k people
167% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 1,179
Violent Crimes 3,266 crimes / 100k people
137% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 2,473
Violent Crimes 3,205 crimes / 100k people
132% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 1,211
Violent Crimes 3,186 crimes / 100k people
131% more crime than Albuquerque
Population 194
Violent Crimes 3,028 crimes / 100k people
119% more crime than Albuquerque
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