If you are looking for a new home in the heart of the southwest, Albuquerque is your answer. This is one of the largest cities in the region, and while it does not have the same kind of population wise as what you might find along the coastline, there are some excellent offerings throughout the city and, no matter what you like, you are going to find exactly what you want and enjoy, right in Albuquerque and the heart of New Mexico.

For starters, public transportation is just fine in Albuquerque. The bus system is adequate and there are many taxis throughout the city. However, there is no real mass transit system, but do not worry, as it is still a fine city to drive in. Whether you are driving downtown or through the more residential area, you are going to find this is an excellent city for apartment living.

In terms of apartments, the best apartments are located in the downtown area. As you move out of downtown you are going to come more to houses and fewer apartments. However, living downtown should be enjoyable, as not only can you enjoy the newly built up downtown, but old Route 66 moves right through the city and there are still some excellent shops and restaurants dedicated to this historic road.

Of course, you're going to see some excellent restaurants and sights that you might have seen in the movies and television programs. Whether you are a fan of The Avengers or Breaking Bad, you'll find several sights from the movies and television episodes, including some excellent restaurants. If you are a fan of hot dogs, make sure to check out The Dog House, as this drive in join provides delicious hot dogs, tater tots another quick food options, all while dropping it off right at your car's window.
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