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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Virginia Beach, VA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Great Bridge East, Chesapeake7617.917,164
Northeast, Virginia Beach76367,163
Greenbrier East, Chesapeake6812.824,977
Butts Station, Chesapeake6715.16,548

Best Cities Near Virginia Beach, VA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Scotland, VA8545.3157
Virginia Beach, VA770449,733
Bethel Manor, VA7529.94,181
Yorktown, VA7439.8165
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Newport News, VA7331.8181,606
Hampton, VA7323.7136,789
Smithfield, VA72368,304
Carrollton, VA7232.85,481
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Never again to return to Va. Beach

We love Va. Beach, we travel 6hrs to visit, but this year was unreal.... like nothing we've ever seen here before, there were girls running around in thongs half naked, like really there is no need in their asses hanging out!!! we always have our young grandkids with us and I have to say it was very sad to see this beach turning into another trashy beach just like OC. We stopped going there over 20 years ago due to shit like this!!!!! I believe it to be very unacceptable for a family beach...and this year there were dogs on the beach!!!! We watched dogs pissing and shitting on the beach and we watched them just covered it up with sand, totally unacceptable (I hate to say it but it was all Mexicans with there dogs!!!) My grandkids play in this damn sand!!!! Then you have all the Mexicans setting up camp on the beaches with their tents and canopies and leaving no room for anyone else to be on the beach, this is bullshit...we pay alot of money to stay in these oceanfront hotels and you have them coming on the beaches from home/motels out in town somewhere and taking up all the beach space, that us paying high rate hotel bills have no place on the beaches due to them having tents and canopies set up all over, and they're there at 6am setting up so no one else can even get a spot in front of their hotel!!!!!! BULLSHIT!!! and they are the dirtiest people ever...they DO NOT CLEAN up their trash, they just leave the beaches all trashy and dirty, I find this unacceptable!!!! Hell we watched them get soap out and shower at the showers on the boardwalk while everyone has to stand and wait til they're done bathing to use the showers!!! However we will NOT be returning to Va. Beach with our family for vacation!!! And then you have the bicycles riding all over the boardwalk almost running people over when they need to be on the bike path ONLY!!! THERE IS NO BEACH POTROLE AT ALL!!! And this concerns me alot!!! Hell we set on the beach one day and watched 2 girls around 19 or 20yrs old literally change swimsuits right in front of everyone and NOT 1 LIFEGUARD said a damn word!!!!!! This once, great family vacation place has become so trashy and dirty, we will be heading more south next year!!! No tents/canopy aloud on NC/SC beaches!!!! And wow they have beach patrol everyday alday...Sad to say we will not be returning to your beaches, after over 20yrs of vacationing here. Va. Beach has gone to the dogs and Mexicans!!! No thank you!!!!And I am in NO WAY a racial person but enough is enough!!! And we've had enough!!!!We are DONE WITH VA. BEACH!!!!!!!!! My words mean nothing to yall I'm sure but I have said my peace!!!! And I feel better!!!!!! I wish I could attach the pics I have of all them on the beach and the filth they leave behind!!!!Last but not least you also have the homeless people making their beds and laying all over the benches starting at 9pm and no place for us paying vacationers to set and enjoy our ice cream or the veiw!!! This is so wrong in many ways!!!!!Sincerely, Very disappointed family
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Relocating to Virginia My husband and I currently live in San Diego suburbs, however, we need to relocate to VA for his job. He will have the option to office out of either Quantico or Norfolk, so I am just looking for some general insight to help make our decision. We have a few months so I am just starting to research each area. Also just general information about lifestyle/weather/entertainment/etc would be great! …
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Source: The Virginia Beach, VA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).