Population: 173,829Median home value: $384,100 66 Ranks better than 44% of areas
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A+ Oceanside Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
F Oceanside Cost of Living Cost of living is 3% lower than California
13535% more expensive than the US average
13838% more expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
Oceanside cost of living
C- Oceanside Crime Total crime is 8% lower than California
Total crime
2,7051% lower than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 371% lower than the US average
Year-over-year crime
-10%Year over year crime is down
Oceanside crime
C- Oceanside Employment Household income is 8% lower than California
Median household income
$58,9497% higher than the US average
Income per capita
$28,4525% lower than the US average
Unemployment rate
4%6% lower than the US average
Oceanside employment
D Oceanside Housing Home value is 6% lower than California
Median home value
$384,100108% higher than the US average
Median rent price
$1,45453% higher than the US average
Home ownership
56%11% lower than the US average
Oceanside real estate or Oceanside rentals
F Oceanside Schools HS graduation rate is 6% higher than California
High school grad. rates
84%1% higher than the US average
School test scores
35%29% lower than the US average
Student teacher ratio
20:124% higher than the US average
Oceanside K-12 schools or Oceanside colleges

Living in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside, California is a medium-sized city with a population of 173,829 residents. Oceanside has a population density of 4,214 people per square mile. This would be considered well above the national population density level. If we look at the most recent Census, Oceanside is known to have a predominantly White population. The next two most common races are Asian and Black. Additionally, more than a quarter of the population of Oceanside are of Hispanic or Latino origin, and 24% of the population also speak Spanish. Oceanside is known to be family friendly as more than 75% of the population has already tied the knot. It might also be worth noting that 61% of residents also have children under the age of 18.

If you’re considering relocating to any new city, it could be a very discouraging task. However, it could also be a great experience if you are willing to get to know the city before actually living in Oceanside, California. The best areas in Oceanside and in surrounding cities are easier to find when you are able to make informed decisions. Using data from amenities, crime, cost of living, education, employment, you will see a detailed breakdown of the most important information as well as comparisons to the California and national averages.

Using data and statistics Oceanside has received a livability score of 66 out of 100. This score is ranked in the 44th percentile when compared to all other cities. If we dig down a little deeper into each category within the livability score, we see that Oceanside has higher than average grades for the following: amenities (A+) and weather (B+). Regrettably for Oceanside, there are some categories for which it does not rank well, this includes: cost of living (F), education (F) and housing (D).

Based on the proximity of local amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, librairies, etc., Oceanside has received a higher than average score for its local amenities. If you’re planning on relocating and making this area your permanent home, it’s nice to know that there is an ample amount of amenities and things to do within walking distance or a short drive. Here are some of the more popular things to do in Oceanside: The Pier at Oceanside, Mission San Luis Rey, and California Surf Museum.

There are many factors that go into deciding if an area is the right fit for your lifestyle. Certain “must haves” like low crime, great schools and nearby amenities are all at the top of most people's lists. But before even considering if those options are available, most people will need to know if the real estate in Oceanside is actually affordable. The median home price for Oceanside homes is $384,100, which is 6.2% lower than the California average. If we take a closer look at the affordability of homes in Oceanside, we’ll see that the home price to income ratio is 6.5, which is 1.6% higher than the California average. Purchasing your new home can come with many financial benefits, some of which are more lucrative than others. Perhaps the most notable benefit could be the appreciation of your new home. Home appreciation rates are a good way to generate tax-free equity on a long term basis. The year over year appreciation rates in Oceanside were 5.9%, and the 5 year appreciation rates came in at 9.3%.

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Oceanside, CA - Perfect Climate and Great Beaches!

Oceanside, California is a wonderful city in Southern California that is located midway between San Diego and Los Angeles. Oceanside has a perfect climate and 3.5 miles of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. Surfers and vacationers come from all over the globe to enjoy Oceanside's natural beauty. The longest all-wood pier on the west coast is the Oceanside Municipal Pier. Located in San Diego County, Oceanside has a populaion of only around 200,000 people. The bar and club scene is definitely much less active than other cities in Southern California. Although Oceanside is a small city, it has many great restaurants that serve delicious steak and seafood as well as a handful of interesting attractions to visit.

With its relaxing coastal atmosphere, Oceanside is the type of city where someone can go and let the rest of the world disappear. When in Oceanside, people should stop by 333 Pacific, which offers 180 degree views of the oceanfront. Steaks, chops, crabs, lobster, sushi rolls, fish, and sashimi are all on the menu. The wine list has over 200 selections. All of which will add to your interesting Oceanside adventure!
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Source: The Oceanside, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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