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Tranquil but a Bit Desolate Town.

I have been living in Yukon for 7 years now, and used to live in Maryland. I am 37 years old. Married. Came here because of the Military. Pros: 1. Low cost of living. One can buy a nice house here for 175k. However, all home builders, like Mexican tele-novella producers, have become predictable and boring. There is no aesthetic appeal. 2. Close to OKC and the Downtown attractions like going to see a Thunder game. From where I live, close to I-40, one can be in Downtown in 12 minutes and there is very little traffic. 3. Schools are good, thought not excellent. Like everywhere else, I have seen many teachers here that don't care much and seem to have become teachers just to have a job. A brand new HS was just built and looks beautiful. 4. Food prices, like everywhere in Oklahoma, food is cheap. 5. Natural gas and gasoline prices are cheap, as well. So heating up your house in the winter is cheap as well as driving to work. 6. Low crime, though lately there has been an increase in break-ins. Overall, however, crime is low. 7. If you are religious, it wont take you long to make friends and get that 'social support' that attending a church tends to provide one with. 8. More businesses are moving in every month. Indeed, in the last 5 years Yukon has become more like a real American suburb and not just a municipality where police officers would write speeding tickets to an unsuspected passer by. 9. The annual Christmas light show. 10. The job market, even with the collapse of oil prices, there are still plenty of jobs around. CONS: 1. Too damn conservative and religious. Most people here, and in all Oklahoma for that matter, see themselves holier than a Victorian nun in a nudist beach and think of Ronald Reagan as a semi-god. 2. Our city council and mayor are too old and don't seem to have the vision to beautify the city with sidewalks, parks, and trees. 3. The weather. Ice storms. Tornados. Too damn windy. And lately, though up to now small, earthquakes have become a daily occurrence. 4. The soil. If you enjoy gardening, the soil here is nothing but clay. Specially recently compacted clay, its the worse. 5. Not enough good and/or diverse restaurants. Beside fast-food, a few American chain restaurants that are now passé, and a host of bad Mexican restaurants, there are no good places like other cities in the east coast or like in Dallas. 6. No culture of reading or watching a foreign film, for example. Indeed, there is not even a good theater in town. Most young people go to OKC to watch a movie. 7. Though generally most residents here are accepting, there is still a strong sentiment of anti gay, anti immigrant, and (of course) now anti Muslim in general. 8. Tabaco chewing. Why would anyone, specially young people, would want to walk around with a ball of Tabaco in their mouth and a spit bottle on one hand is hard to comprehend. 9. Low paying jobs. It you don't have specialized training, most jobs only pay 8 to 9 dollars per hour. 10. Local News and their so called expert scientists weather people.
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Source: The Yukon, OK data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).