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I am a soon-to-be-retired female looking for a place to retire as I currently live very near Los Angeles. Last week I spent five days in Weaverville, CA. I found the cost of living there to be lower than where I currently live in Ventura county. I will be able to sell my condo in Moorpark and purchase a house on a large lot in Weaverville outright and no longer have a mortgage (or a monthly HOA fee!). I went to Tops Market twice during my visit and found their prices to be at or only slightly higher than those at my local chain grocery store at home. I eat primarily produce and seafood, not much packaged foods, so that may be a factor. While in Weaverville I had some wonderful experiences. Most of the people I met were very down-to-earth and welcoming. I've already connected with one woman on Facebook and received a nice follow-up letter from the people at the Inn I stayed at when I returned home. I especially enjoyed the Wednesday Farmers Market. Compared to what we have here in Moorpark it was amazing. I was also impressed by the 13,000 acre Community Forest and spent time hiking and picnicking there. I have no children so, again, my experience will be different than others'. I have been married three times, just turned 60, and am not interested in bringing another man into my life so would not be a threat to married women. What I am interested in is spirituality, hiking & photography, growing my own food, writing, riding my mountain bike, making jewelry, weaving, knitting, and painting. I found Weaverville to have a very supportive artists' community, which appeals to me. I don't disagree that there is heavy construction going on on Highway 299. My experience was 10-30 minute delays, putting me in Redding within 90 mts of leaving Weaverville. If I do move to Weaverville I plan on only going to Redding for shopping no more than once a month, and will just factor in that I need to expect delays on that road. I am not writing to disagree in any way with others' reviews...I actually found them to be quite valuable. I just wanted to share my experience coming from someone who may be looking at the area from another perspective. Thank you.
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Re: houses I meant 671 browns ranch road? I want to know what other houses are on that street and why that house that I like has been on the market for over a year?
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Re: houses I am interested to know about the house at 160 Browns Ranch Road. I want to know how many other house are on that street and why that house has been on the market for so long?
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