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some good points, but AVOID if possible

This was probably the worst place I ever lived in my life. To be fair, its not all bad, but I would absolutely avoid this place if possible. VERY HOT AND HUMID about 9.5 months per year. Also, lots of bugs (gnats) that fly around and are a constant nuisance. What very brief winter occurs here is really nice in comparison to other parts of the country. Night life is non existent and doesn't pick up any where near the city. NO real attractions that are worth mentioning. Dining options are pretty lame as well basically consisting of chain fast food places and other restaurants. One very small positive is that many people are friendly, but I wouldn't say it was significantly more noticeable than many other parts of the country. A REAL POSITIVE though is that its pretty cheap to live here. HOWEVER, ONE MAJOR NEGATIVE is that the crime in this area to include adjoining Macon is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. There are neighborhoods where you can mostly shield yourself from this, but everyone eventually has to leave the neighborhood and go into town for things. OVERALL, I would AVOID this place if possible. If you have to move here its not the end of the world I guess, but I would absolutely try to find another job, new station if your military, or beg your employer to reconsider your relocation.
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warner robins police department worse in georgia

they framed me on a crime 1 now they did it again it took pratt martin about 2 years too return my property I went into Walmart with a bat I asked for a job then I walk threw a field the police drew a gun on me over a bat im also handicap they slammed me too the ground made me have a seizure then also they put cuffs on soo tight they cut my wrist over trying too get a job I told it takes 4 cops too take down 1 145lbs man they broke my finger they tried too illegally take pictures of my injury even after I said no they broke & displaced 2 of my fingers but there here too serve & protect though oww lets not forget the 10000000 one hundred million dollars for the building then let not forget 20fast cars then lets not forget the extra hundred men all of it is paid bye the tax payer lets not forget when you found pot on my friend at the hospital just kept it these guys are just as hipocrital as the people they put away all they,ve ever done is made everything yea they serve & protect allright meaning there own asses then they didn't even return the right property too me they still have my key my letter the lacost shaving cream bag which I never got back oww that's what a tec nine is suspose too fit in a shaving cream bag then I got message on the computer were the DA is talking on the phone saying lets nabb this scumbag its discrimination then out side the court room DA Daniel Patrick bibler said too my grandmother don't you think he's off?my grandma said your prejudging my grandson aren't you.theres a bigg surprise in it for them.its not a threat its a promise.they make all there money locking people up that's why they put as many charge on you as possible then they put you on probation make more money off of people.ive yet too have anything good too says about these guys as far as im concerned ive never called for you service even when ive had guns too my head still wouldn't.as far as im concerned you are shit!!! going down a toilet bowl!!!
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Warner Robbins, GA - A City With A Small Town Feel

I moved from Savannah, GA to Warner Robins, GA a few years ago. While sometimes it is tough to beat the heat, I like the city for its small town appeal. I suppose it is the family atmosphere I appreciate most about Warner Robins. With a Robins Air Field Base located here there are many families and the city accommodates them. This works well for my family. The community rates an 8 for me. I enjoy the close knit community of Warner Robin's as it reminds me of my home town. The attractions in the city are slim ranking about a 3. There is an Air Force Museum which gets good traffic and if you are willing to take the trip to Macon, GA about 25 minutes away you can visit several attractions located there including a children's museum. Many residents go boating on the river there also. There is a strip full of local and national chain restaurants in the center of the city so you would not run out of options for places to dine. Though the city is no Mecca for night life there are enough community activities to keep my son and I busy. I do wish there was more to do in the city of Warner Robins but I do not whine about too much. I often visit family members up the road in Atlanta and find plenty to do there. I have a close circle of friend so Warner Robins works for me we stay connected by creating our own fun at the local parks and our own backyards. Like any city you have to be more careful in some areas versus others. Again the community does watch out for one another and this makes it a little easier. For any family already living here or planning on relocating research the area. Once here make certain to make connections with other families and co-workers. This will make your living here a lot friendly and homey.
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Crime in Warner Robins

It's sad when a city the size of Warner Robins has a crime rate 87% greater than the national average. Is the "mayor" even thinking about ways to reduce crime or is he just too busy grabbing more land in the county. The police department has had a exodus of officer for as long as I can remember and are always short of officers. Has the mayor ever thought about looking into why officers leave for other agencies? Benefits and pay doesn't seem to be the catalyst for the officer exodus so what exactly is the problem with the Warner Robins Police Department?
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