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Visalia, CA - A Fun City Without The Crowds

A small city west of the Sequoia National Forest, Visalia is far enough away from the Los Angeles metro area to be considered a pretty quiet location. With a highly productive agriculture business, this area is a good place for relocation for those who work in agriculture. The weather does get very hot during the summer, but the winters are mild and short. With less than 100,000 residents, this California city is large enough to have plenty of dining, shopping, nightlife and a few attractions, but still small enough that traffic is never a problem and neighborhoods are clean and safe. Visitors to will also enjoy making Visalia a stop during their vacation. I spent two days there, as a stop on a long road trip. Nearby is the Sequoia National Forest, a great place to drive through, take pictures or take a walk. For families traveling through Visalia, there is a family fun center called Adventure Park which is a great place to unwind, offering plenty of exciting activities and food for everyone. The Vintage Press in Visalia is an excellent place to eat. Food taste and presentation are impressive with a wide variety of menu choices.
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