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Turlock - Simple City, Small Town Atmosphere

I moved to Turlock, California with my family just a few years ago. The city has grown significantly since then, and for a good reason. Turlock is a simple, medium sized city with a rather small town atmosphere. It has everything one could need right inside the city itself but it is not too far from a larger town, such as San Francisco, if one had the desire to change it up a bit. One of the greatest things about Turlock, as mentioned above, is that everything from shopping malls, grocery stores, theaters, bars and restaurants and much more are housed right within the city. In other words, you could never get bored exploring all that Turlock has to offer. Not to mention, all of your household needs can be met without traveling out of town for certain things. For those who love mild climate Turlock it the ideal place. The summers are breeze and warm while the springs and falls are beautiful and cool. The winters can get a little colder (since Turlock is close to the mountains) but nothing that a light jacket a hat and long pants can't take care of. For those, however, who do love the winter weather and winter sports, Turlock is only a couple hour drive to Yosemite National Park and surrounding mountain areas. Here one can spend whole weekends of not weeks of skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing and sledding. Cabins are set all over the landscape for people who want to rent places and enjoy fireplaces and hot chocolate after their winter activities. Another great thing about Turlock is their school systems. Although small, the school system in Turlock and surrounding areas is one of the best in the state. School transportation is also exceptional and my husband and I feel comfortable with our kids taking the bus and using other school facilities.
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