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I hate Tulsa

Never ever move to Tulsa. Tulsa has the rudest most obnoxious people anywhere you go here. I can't wait to move out of state. Tulsa is a wasteland!!!
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Tulsa *cough *cough

I have lived here for over 12 years, and its got to be the worst dump I've ever lived in. Most people are mediocre, i have met some great people, but they have came from other states. Stinky bad polluted air from the oil refineries, which creates horrible air quality and ozone alerts. The western and northern parts of this city are warzones. There is quite a bit of panhandlers and a high homeless rate. Meth and crack seem to be the drug of choice. The violent crime here is unimaginable. Property crime is very high. For a city this size it's lacking In a lot of entertainment and education options. There is horrible wore out pot hole filled roads. With road construction to numb your Brain, that never seems to be completed. Most shopping is mediocre as well. The only real thing going on here is riding a bicycle around whoppee.. or catching a good concert, decent up and coming downtown but either than that you will hate it here.
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Dont move to Tulsa

We moved here from another state, the first week we were here we had things stolen out of our garage. Then we had very hard time getting the water set up in our name, we were treated very badly! Had no success until I had to go out in the cold with a disabled child in person to get it finally resolved. Welcome to Oklahoma!! We can't wait for next week's drama.
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Tulsa, Oklahoma: A Great Place to Live and Have Some Fun!

I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma and I have traveled to Tulsa many times. Tulsa is an eclectic city in beautiful "green country", along Route 66. There is a lot to see and do there. The best Mexican food I have ever eaten was at Casa Bonita on Sheridan Road in Tulsa. This place not only had great food but its atmosphere was so much fun. My girlfriend and I took pictures of the Mexican guitar players that came to our table and sang for us. We had a real good time. Another place I visited while in Tulsa is the Tulsa Zoo. It was exciting seeing the different species of animals. We took the train that runs through the park so we did not have to make the long walk to look at the animals because this zoo is huge and there are almost three thousand animals that you can see. The park not only provides the train but it also provides indoor shelters, if the summer sun gets to be too hot for you. We had to go into one or two of these ourselves to cool off when we were there. One of the newest attractions in Tulsa is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino owned by the Cherokee Nation. Here you can eat some chicken fried steak or other delicious food at Toby Keith's I Love this Bar and Grill or you can enjoy the entertainment that is playing at the Joint inside of the casino. You will probably want to try out the casino games while you are there but watch your pocket book because not everybody can win. I set a certain amount of money aside, when I go to Cherokee Casino, that I can afford to lose, then I go and have a good time until the money runs out or I get lucky.
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Tulsa - The most beautiful city in Oklahoma

The first time we visited Tulsa, OK was when our daughter and son-in-law were living there. Our first impression of Tulsa was just what a beautiful city it was. There were wide streets and rolling hills, a river running through the western side of the city and plenty of green spaces. We've been back to visit the city several times for some of the great Tulsa attractions. Tulsa is home to one the largest gun shows in the world. It is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Since my husband is an avid gun collector we have made the trip for both the spring and the fall shows. I have found that Tulsa has plenty for me to do as well, great shopping, a great selection of restaurants, and seasonal events like their Oktoberfest in the fall. We also loved the selection of comfortable and reasonably priced hotels in Tulsa. It is definitely a city we love to visit and won't hesitate to go back.
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