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Nothing much over here...

There's barely anything to do here. All I came here for is to visit some of my parent's friends and they do not like it there. The crime there is horrible! It's just as bad as Baltimore's crime! The houses were not good-looking at all. Kensington is much better than this s****y place. Although there's some skyscrapers there, some are restricted there. I agree with erika2620 about Trenton. Just because rent is cheap, doesn't make it good. Expensive things are ALWAYS better! Honestly in Trenton, you can barely find any good restaurants. I've had boring times over there too. I even had embarrassing things happening there once. I rather not talk about it though... So anyways, not a good place to live in because of the black people there. The end!
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I do not like it at all.

I moved here almost a year ago and I am looking to move AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The street crime here is outrageous. I thought the Bronx, New York was bad. But after moving here I realized I was better off over there. The buildings around my neighborhood are mostly abandoned. The sidewalks are cracked and dangerous to walk on. It is definitely not a place to raise children. Someone had recommended Trenton because the rent was cheap. I made the biggest mistake ever. I rather pay more rent anywhere else and feel safe, than settling for this. Honestly, speaking.
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Historic Trenton, NJ - A Winner for Visitors

I've visited Trenton, New Jersey, numerous times for business, and each time it pleasantly surprises me. As the capital of New Jersey, Trenton has a beautifully remodeled statehouse that is well-worth a visit if you have some time to kill. Additionally, the Trenton Thunder are the AA minor league affiliate for the New York Yankees, so taking a trip to the ballpark is a great activity for the family. My clients have always enjoyed that entertainment, as well. The restaurants in Trenton are great, too. One of my favorites is De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies - their pizzas are amazing. There are also a lot of good restaurants near the train station, and Trenton is easily accessible by train and air. The Trenton airport is particularly easy to navigate. At the same time, Trenton flies a little bit under the radar for most people looking for entertainment and dining options, especially with New York and Philadelphia so close. However, if you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to those big cities, and you want a city with history, sports, and good food, Trenton will not disappoint!
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Trenton, NJ - Fun For the Whole Family

Trenton New Jersey has been one of the most interesting places that I have visited over the years. Finding something attractions to see and things to do in Trento was easy and fun. Whether you like historical things or plain fun for you and the kids, Trenton has something for an individual or the entire family to enjoy. If you are thinking about visiting or even moving to Trenton, you should check out all the attractions that they have. I loved Trenton Thunder. It's a super waterpark that anyone can have a ton of fun at. If you like the arts, there is the Boheme Opera Company. They put on awesome shows to entertain anyone who loves the stage. You can even catch some great preformances at the Soverign Bank Arena. You just have to watch the schedule and plan your trip to Trenton accordingly. There are a lot of great restaurants and shopping in Trenton as well. You can count on your major restraunts to be there for you, as well as some hometown favorites. Shopping is great, from the department stores to the small mom and pop stores that have all sorts of deals in store for you! I had so much fun just looking around at the city and all it had to offer.
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