Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Torrance, CA

For most of us, living in these high end Torrance neighborhoods may be well beyond our means, as these neighborhoods include some of the highest real estate and rental prices in California. Listed below are the most expensive neighborhoods in Torrance for 2022, sorted by overall cost of living which includes: groceries, goods and services, real estate and rent prices. In case you’re wondering, the cost of living average for all cities across the nation is 100.

Population 10,432
Cost of Living Index 194 vs 169
15% higher than Torrance
Population 8,348
Cost of Living Index 180 vs 169
7% higher than Torrance
Population 11,108
Cost of Living Index 172 vs 169
2% higher than Torrance
Population 68,889
Cost of Living Index 171 vs 169
1% higher than Torrance
Population 12,170
Cost of Living Index 160 vs 169
5% lower than Torrance
Population 34,684
Cost of Living Index 155 vs 169
8% lower than Torrance