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Life as a Resident in Temecula, CA

I lived in Temecula, CA for over five years and really enjoyed the location in Southern California. Temecula is a quaint community that offers spectacular views and a rich history, most commonly known as Wine Country. For those looking to raise a family and live in a relaxing environment, it's an ideal and safe place to reside. The area is also in close proximity to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Although there is not always a lot to do in Temecula, it's still an enjoyable place to spend time in throughout the year for a low-pace environment. It's a popular city to enjoy golf with nine courses available. It's also known for having thousands of beautiful acres of vineyards where over 56 different types of grapes grow. One of my favorite parts of living in the area was seeing the hot air balloons travel above the vineyards on the weekend mornings. My parents and their friends also enjoyed visiting a number of the wine tasting rooms that are available for a great leisure activity that quickly became a passion. A popular attraction that was one of my favorite places to visit in Temecula was Old Town where you can find antique stores, car shows, festivals, and a number of different restaurants. It's a fun and interesting location to explore for those who enjoy a country theme. However, there is a limited amount of attractions in Temecula for those who are more interested in staying busy or enjoying a busy nightlife. I was young when I lived in Temecula and there wasn't always a lot to do with my friends in the environment. I would say that it's geared more toward retirees who want a slower pace of life.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Nov 17, 2014
Cute area with a lot to do

First of all, they have a really great mall where you'll find some of the best restaurants in this entire area like Lucilles BBQ. They have tons of different shops all around town, lots of places to eat, and you have all your basic needs met and more. They even have a Trader Joe's!!! I'm sorry but coming from San Diego to a much less expensive area, that's a god-send. Its actually affordable here, which is awesome. You can buy a good looking house here for pretty cheap and you're in a totally safe environment. I doubt there's any crime here, I would be surprised. Its a really nice area, clean looking, lots of places to shop and eat, you're pretty close to San Diego - just get on the freeway. They have good hospitals in Temecula too. It's the best town to live in if you're in the Riverside area in my opinion. If I wasn't moving out of California entirely, Temecula would be where I would settle down for the sheer affordability, restaurants, shopping, and safety.
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OctoberRosePosted on Sep 27, 2014
Beautiful Area Gone BAD

We've lived here for nearly 28 years. Temecula used to be a place where strangers said good morning to one another. The pace was slow and we had very little crime and noise. Now it's crowded with rude and reckless drivers and too much noise. Loud motorcycles are everywhere. There isn't enough law enforcement to go after these thugs. The Marine Corp "heroes" were not satisfied with decimating Oceanside and Fallbrook; they had to come over the hill to Temecula to screw this place up too. Our once beautiful and upscale neighborhood has become full of them renting investor owned homes. If it wasn't for the HOA this place would be a total dump. The mall is a ghetto mall quickly approaching the status of Moreno Valley. Try to enjoy a cup of coffee with your family at the Starbucks in the mall. Inland Empire white trash!!! No manners, no courtesy, but plenty of neck tattoos. 2014 is our final year in Temecula. As soon as my wife retires we are out of here and going back to rural Northern California. At least we have good restaurants up there! I've never seen so many fat slobs in my life like I have in Temecula. Not as bad as Houston or New Orleans, but pretty close. My recommendation for living here is as follows: If you're a brainwashed religious nut, then this will be heaven for you, i.e. Headquarters for the American Taliban. If you like shopping at Wal-Mart then come on down. Loaded with fat people with bad teeth. Enjoy!
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jitterygoat49rPosted on Jan 08, 2014
Overcrowded, overpriced, touristy

Lived here for many years. Have seen the area become a ridiculously overcrowded (cancer-like, uncontrolled building/expansion during the 80's; current trend toward low-income housing apartment buildings), pseudo-historical ("Old Town:" Disneyland authenticity without the rides), traffic-snarled (all hours of the day and night), noisy (apparently no law enforcement agency enforces noise statutes anymore), full-of-itself blight. The restaurants that have survived (i.e., those numerous ones that have folded) have mostly declined in service and quality, so that essentially leaves going to the movies for your diversion. Oh wait. We DO have a fine Native American casino (Pechanga) within close proximity, so you can choke on second-hand smoke while losing your money) and our world-famous (in our minds) wineries. Go wine! One last thing, the Areavibes folks may want to adjust their data regarding things like, say, "Average summer temperature," given that for the last 5 or 6 years, the median summer temperature has been well above 100. BTW, not going to name names, but methinks there be a review hereabouts written by, oh say, a local real estate broker/agent/Chamber of Commerce member).
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RSimmsPosted on Apr 06, 2013
Fabulous Temecula, California

My visit to this city revealed rich history, phenomenal shopping, and year-round entertainment for the entire family! The experience was wonderful. Temecula is known for its championship golf courses and a climate perfect for serene hot-air ballooning adventures. This southern California town has award-winning wineries located amongst 3,200 acres of the most picturesque wine country. The Old Town district, located in the heart of the city, is a blend of historic buildings with over 600 antique dealers, unique shopping, and memorable restaurants. Old Town Temecula is the site of many special events including car shows and, and eclectic summer weekend entertainment. The popular Farmer's Market offers a wealth of fresh produce, flowers, and crafts every Saturday. Shopping is an amazing adventure where you will find that one-of-a-kind item in a fanciful specialty boutique, and The Promenade Mall and Power Center offers the convenience of large department store shopping. An array of dining experiences will fit any taste or budget. The things-to-do-list is headed by a hike on the Santa Rosa Plateau Wildlife Preserve, or a day of boating at Lake Skinner. The annual Balloon & Wine Festival is a fabulous attraction as the sky fills with the wondrous color of balloons.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 21, 2011
If you want to shop in snootyville....this is your place.

I have lived near Temecula for a long while and everytime I go there, I regret the decision. And I will explain why. I don't particularly like the community and the people there. They don't have a very welcoming demeanor to them. They treat people that are not driving a 2012 Lexus like they are some sort of trash needed to be swept out of their city. Aside from their massive Promenade Mall and Wineries, I don't see the big deal. I do like the Old Downtown area very much for their laid back atmosphere and welcomeness. There are some good jewels there, and the restaurants are pretty good. They specialize in big-box stores, so don't go there looking for a mom and pop type store. I do, however, like that there are a plethora of corporate shopping and restaurants galore. As for Family activities, don't hesitate to take your children to the movies, or walk the promenade. Unless you live in a tract home, don't expect to find a park either. And if you do have children attending high school, make sure to buy them a corvette so they can fit in with the other kids. Also, the teenage demographic is not a savory like. I always have some sort of altercation with them either over parking spaces, or in long lines for restaurants. Overall, I dislike the city and would rather live in nearby Hemet. (the place Temecula sends their homeless so the city doesn't have to help them.)
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mrskatstroudPosted on Mar 28, 2011
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