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Sweet Home Real Estate Market Facts

  • $118,500Median home price
    52% lower than Oregon
  • $834Median rent asked
    11% lower than Oregon
  • 59.1%Home owners
    4% lower than Oregon
  • 2.6People per home
    3% higher than Oregon
Above, you will see a summary of real estate in Sweet Home, OR. On average, homes in Sweet Home, OR cost $118,500, a value that is 52% lower than the average in Oregon. In general terms, this results in Sweet Home, OR real estate being more affordable than Oregon real estate. On average, people who rent houses in Sweet Home, OR pay $834; this value is 11% lower than the average amount renters pay in Oregon. 59.1% of Sweet Home, OR residents own their own homes and, on average, each of the homes has 2.6 occupants. Sweet Home, OR real estate features a range of homes, which include everthing from large houses to small condos to stacked townhomes. Accessing real estate listings and homes that are up for sale in Sweet Home, OR is easy because in our search area shown above, we categorize real estate and homes based on location, price, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Sweet Home Home Affordability

  • $118,500Median home price
    52% lower than Oregon
  • $34,115Median home income
    36% lower than Oregon
  • 3.5xHome price to income ratio
    25% lower than Oregon
It’s advisable to look at home affordability when trying to find the ideal place to find real estate in Sweet Home, OR. To estimate home affordability, one method is to use the ratio of home price to median household income. The Sweet Home, OR’s median home price stands at $118,500 while $34,115 is the value of the average household income. The resulting home price to income ratio, which is 3.5x, differs from the Oregon average as the ratio is 25% lower than the state’s average. The average home price divided by the median home income results in the home affordability ratio. Considering the comparison between the home price and home income, homes in Sweet Home, OR are considered less expensive if the ratio of home price to income is lower. Besides the home price to median household income ratio, other considerable factors do apply in determining home affordability. Using the home affordability calculator displayed below can help determine the exact price that suits any budget when searching for real estate in Sweet Home, OR.

Sweet Home Affordability Calculator

Include PMI
You can afford a home up to:
Debt-to-income ratio
Monthly income breakdown
  • Monthly income
  • Monthly payment
  • Debt payment
  • Income taxes
  • Remainder
Are you looking for real estate in Sweet Home, OR? Be careful not to purchase a home outside of your budget. A home affordability calculator lets you input your income, down payment, and debts to figure out how much you can afford to spend on your new home. If you know further information, such as mortgage term and rate or insurance, taxes, and HOA dues, you can input that as well to get a better estimate of the total cost. The calculator will show you the maximum amount you can afford to spend on a home. With that number in mind, you can start looking for a home in Sweet Home, OR and avoid homes that don’t fit in your budget to guard yourself from an emotional, yet costly, decision. Thanks to the home affordability calculator, you can also create a stronger budget plan. Once you know your housing costs, you can figure out how much money you should spend and how much money you can save.

Sweet Home Mortgage Calculator

Your monthly payment will be:
Monthly payment breakdown
  • Monthly payment
  • Mortgage
  • PMI fees
  • Property tax
  • Home insurance
  • HOA dues
What will I pay monthly if I buy real estate in Sweet Home, OR? Determining the monthly payment amount of a home is based on a number of different factors. Obviously, the most significant variable is the overall price of the house, but there are also other considerations to make such as homeowners insurance, the interest rate, amount of the down payment, property taxes, private mortgage insurance (PMI), and even home owner's association dues. A great way to eliminate the PMI is by paying 20% of the cost of the house as a down payment. The mortgage calculator is filled out with default values for these variables, but they can be reset to give you a more accurate payment amount. The best rule when it comes to house payments is that you want to keep your debt to income ratio at no more than 36%. This means paying no more than 36% of your monthly income on your housse and all other debt payments.

Sweet Home Demographics

  • 9,171Population
  • 1,730People / sq mile
  • 38.7Median age
  • 0.9:1Male/Female ratio

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Source: The Sweet Home, OR housing data displayed above is derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).