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Uptight traffic and angry

Bad drivers. They tailgate, and are aggressive. When you're waiting at a red light people will stare at you. Summerville is like the rest of the Charleston area, unmindful of their driving and a sense of suspicion. I grew up here in Charleston and a LOT has changed..for the worst. It used to be laid back and cool, now it's stressful and angry. The happiest day of my life is when I leave this place forever.
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Historic Summerville is Dead

Proponents of Summerville call this town "historic." I call it decaying.The pictures of the town show a quaint area filled with brick buildings and azaleas. What is happening here is completely different. The downtown area is a small part of town and it is dying. Four businesses have had to close up shop in as many months because of lack of business to the area. The good ole boy government here won't allow for well planned out (and in keeping with the look of the area) expansion that would bring foot traffic. They say they want to maintain the integrity while watching shops close.Unless dining, or shopping at Target or Walmart, is your thing there is little to do here. It takes an hour to get to the beach if there is no traffic -and there usually is. Commuting to work is a nightmare. 25 miles to work can take you 2 hours.A bigger chunk of Summerville includes strip malls and dilapidated trailer parks. Beautiful subdivisions are sandwiched in between crime-ridden ones, with the crime spilling into the nice areas. Police are called. Nothing done. Are there nice parts of Summerville? Yes. Would I move here, if I could go back and make the choice again? Not a chance.
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An Insider's Take on Life in Summerville, SC

I live in Summerville SC and hope to give a few insights into the casual lifestyle that our community enjoys. There is much to delight both residents and casual visitors in our little town. The average temperature in the summer is 70-80F and during the winter months there is little chance of ice or snow. In fact the average wintertime temperature is 50F. With an abundance of sunshine, blue skies and balmy breezes the climate is ideal for kids, teens, adults and seniors. This Low Country city is often considered one of Charleston's bedroom communities. We are fortunate to live less than a half hour's drive from this coastal paradise. That means we can easily work, shop and enjoy the attractions of a large, metropolitan city without having to sacrifice Summerville has a quiet, low-key atmosphere that encourages relaxation. Tennis, swimming, fishing, golf and tennis are just a few of the activities that are available on a year round basis. The cost of living is very reasonable and housing can be found to suit almost any budget. Southern cuisine is another thing that Summerville residents hold dear to their hearts. We enjoy selections that include skillet cornbread, fried okra, peas, fried green tomatoes, Low Country boils and a wide range of fresh vegetables. Living so close to the ocean (30-45 minute drive) it is easy to find fresh seafood at any time of the year. Shrimp and grits, broiled scallops and fried flounder are a few of my favorite menu selections. Our family frequently enjoys dining at the cafes and restaurants such as Five Loaves Cafe, the Icehouse or the Eclectic Chef. Summerville offers casual dining, gourmet restaurants and the usual selection of fast food favorites.
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