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The Problem with Summerville is the 6 member town counsel

The 6 member town counsel removed the Mayor's power several years ago and got away with it. Now they are power crazed and should not be running down a sidewalk much less running a town. Summerville is a diversified community and that is a good thing. However we have a town counsel that is completely out of control. The whole lot of them need to find new jobs. They have torn up our historic downtown square for no other reason that tear out the old trees and put in new ones. (What part of Historic do they not get) They allowed the water company to put in a ultra modern eyesore they have no business in the downtown area. What an eyesore that is..... This was the kind of unnessary, unwanted, and unreasonable thing these people do!. Now they have the idea that they are going to take peoples homes and businesses if they don't like you though a Non conformitiy law they are trying to pass on June 18th. If you have a home in Summerville, I sure hope you don't have any enemies. If you for some reason are out of your home for more than 90 days your home will go into nonconformity. You turn off your utilities for more than 90 days, non Conformity. No hospital stay for you, No european vacation either. Oh and if you don't do the repairs they think you should make to your home, yes that's right into Non Conformity you go. Now its not real clear what exactly will happen in non conformity but it is mentioned that is it goes over half of the tax role value of your home there are consequences. I am sure they will outline those thoroughly in a back room after they get it on the books. Oh on the way site it does say that civil right are an impediment. You say you live in Summerville, LUCKY YOU! Wish you didn't live here, well time will tell if they get your house and business soon too. Not to mention the new proposed rezoning........ Oh and in case you haven't heard about the meeting on June 18, 2018 at 5:30 pm they posed some city signs smaller than real estate signs in vague areas of the city where they are sure not to be seen! Don't believe me there is one at the end of Challedon that looks like a water company sign about work if you don't get out of your car you won't be able to read what it says. They say this will not currently impact current homes that are built, ummm well then why do they need the code on the books. This is their way of informing the people!!!! If your thinking of living in Summerville, don't walk, run away!!!! I used to really love Summerville this is tragic.
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Apartment rentals Looking for input on apartment rentals in Summerville. My daughter is moving down there soon but doesn't have a lot of time to find a place to live. Could anyone comment on safe, clean and reputable apartments in the area? Everything looks great on the internet. Don't want to get there and find out it's awful. Anyone have an opinion about Cobblestone Village? Thanks in advance!
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Source: The Summerville, SC data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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