Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Stockton, CA

For most of us, living in these high end Stockton neighborhoods may be well beyond our means, as these neighborhoods include some of the highest real estate and rental prices in California. Listed below are the most expensive neighborhoods in Stockton for 2019, sorted by overall cost of living which includes: groceries, goods and services, real estate and rent prices. In case you’re wondering, the cost of living average for all cities and states across America is 100.

Population 9,491
Cost of Living Index 132 vs 108
22% higher than Stockton
Population 7,546
Cost of Living Index 126 vs 108
16% higher than Stockton
Population 8,446
Cost of Living Index 119 vs 108
10% higher than Stockton
Population 18,837
Cost of Living Index 113 vs 108
4% higher than Stockton
Population 6,786
Cost of Living Index 111 vs 108
3% higher than Stockton
Population 17,435
Cost of Living Index 110 vs 108
2% higher than Stockton
Population 16,747
Cost of Living Index 109 vs 108
1% higher than Stockton
Population 32,545
Cost of Living Index 107 vs 108
equal to Stockton
Population 36,077
Cost of Living Index 105 vs 108
2% lower than Stockton
Population 4,434
Cost of Living Index 105 vs 108
3% lower than Stockton
Population 9,501
Cost of Living Index 103 vs 108
5% lower than Stockton
Population 44,600
Cost of Living Index 103 vs 108
5% lower than Stockton
Population 26,331
Cost of Living Index 98 vs 108
9% lower than Stockton
Population 32,392
Cost of Living Index 95 vs 108
12% lower than Stockton
Population 14,864
Cost of Living Index 95 vs 108
12% lower than Stockton
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