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The city of St. Louis, MO has a population of 304,709 and a population density of 4,936 people per square mile. There are a total of 83 St. Louis, MO neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Missouri Botanical Garden and the largest neighhorhood by population is Dutchtown. The St. Louis, MO neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

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St Louis is a city located between Missouri river and the great Mississippi River. It has a lot of social amenities like schools, restaurants, and parks. St Louis also has a lot of attraction sites like the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis and the St. Louis Zoo. These attraction sites are easy to access as St. Louis city has an excellent network of roads. Also, the neighborhoods in this town are also well connected to other cities via the vast highways that pass through this city. Apart from these, St Louis also has a significant number of public transport means that makes it easier to travel for those who work out of town. Due to this, St. Louis is a city that allows for all kinds of people: whether married, single or retired, to live in.


This area is found between N Skinker Parkway and the Lindell Boulevard. It has a high population of Caucasians and African Americans.Buying or renting a house is higher compared to the adjacent neighborhoods.Schools are also many and evenly distributed in this area. The Princeton review act preparatory school and the Forsyth School are located along the Lindell Boulevard. Skinker-Debaliviere also houses Washington University locate along Forsyth Boulevard. The Gokul Indian Restaurant and the Pi Pizzeria-Delmar loop are examples of the many restaurants and food-serving joints located in this neighborhood. These restaurants are mostly concentrated at the intersection of Delmar Boulevard and the N Skinker Boulevard.

Debaliviere Place

This neighborhood is located between the forest park Parkway and the Union Boulevard. It has a lot of schools, like the Hamilton elementary school and the St. Roch School. These schools are easy to find as most of them are located along the major highways and roads that run through this neighborhood. The cost of living in this area is lower compared to the adjacent neighborhoods. The cost of buying or renting a house is also lower. Public transport is also not an issue in this area. There are over 20 public transport locaitons in the area. This neighborhood, therefore, is suitable for everyone. Restaurants and other food-serving joints are also plenty in this area. The Thai Cafe and the Eclipse restaurant can be easily located via the Delmar Boulevard.


Hi-Pointe is a neighborhood with a low cost of living compared to the other neighborhoods. It has a high population of Caucasian. Hi- Pointe has a lot of restaurants, the Basso and the Cheshire are restaurants that can be easily found as they are located along the Clayton road. Schools are also many and evenly distributed in Hi-pointe. The Clayton child preschool and the Dewey school are located near a major highway. There a variety of public transport means in this area. Bus transport services like the Yale EB and the McCausland EB can be found along the Yale and McCausland Avenue respectively. Hi-Pointe also has a lot of attraction sites; the Saint Louis Zoo and the Saint Louis Art Museum are just an example and can be accessed via the Skinker Boulevard.