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A+ Springfield Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
A- Springfield Cost of Living Cost of living is 5% lower than Missouri
8515% less expensive than the US average
9010% less expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
Springfield cost of living
F Springfield Crime Total crime is 203% higher than Missouri
Total crime
10,192270% higher than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 10270% higher than the US average
Year-over-year crime
11%Year over year crime is up
Springfield crime
D- Springfield Employment Household income is 32% lower than Missouri
Median household income
$33,76939% lower than the US average
Income per capita
$21,13129% lower than the US average
Unemployment rate
4%4% lower than the US average
Springfield employment
D- Springfield Housing Home value is 22% lower than Missouri
Median home value
$109,50041% lower than the US average
Median rent price
$68328% lower than the US average
Home ownership
45%29% lower than the US average
Springfield real estate or Springfield rentals
D+ Springfield Schools HS graduation rate is 1% lower than Missouri
High school grad. rates
84%1% higher than the US average
School test scores
46%7% lower than the US average
Student teacher ratio
15:13% lower than the US average
Springfield K-12 schools or Springfield colleges

Living in Springfield, MO

Springfield, Missouri is a medium-sized city with a population of 165,138 people. The majority of Springfield residents report their race to be White; this is followed by Black and Asian. If you are a young adult or student, you might be pleased to know that the average age of all Springfield residents is 33.

If you’re considering moving to any new city, it could be a very discouraging task. However, it could also be a great experience if you are willing to get to know the town before actually living in Springfield, Missouri. With useful information like amenities, crime, education, housing and other key data points, finding the best places to live in Springfield and in the areas around Springfield is a much easier task.

Using data and statistics Springfield has received a livability score of 65 out of 100. This score is ranked in the 39th percentile when compared to all other cities. If we dig a little deeper into each category within the livability score, we see that Springfield has higher than average rankings for the following: amenities (A+) and cost of living (A-). Springfield does not fare well for the following: crime (F), employment (D-) and housing (D-). It might be a smart idea to take a closer look at each category to find out why.

Based on the proximity of local amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, librairies, etc., Springfield has received a higher than average score for its local amenities. If you’re planning on relocating and making this area your permanent home, it’s nice to know that there is an ample amount of amenities and things to do within walking distance or a short drive. Some of the notable things to do include: Fantastic Caverns, Dickerson Park Zoo, and Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.

Certain items on your wish list like shopping, restaurants, nightlife and proximity to public transportation are all important factors to search for. Having said that, perhaps the most important metric to consider when contemplating a move to Springfield is real estate affordability. Median real estate prices in Springfield come in at $109,500, which is 22.5% lower than the Missouri average. The home price to income ratio compares the median home prices to the median household income. In Springfield, the home price to income ratio is 3.2, which is 10.3% higher than the Missouri average. Knowing if your home will appreciate on a long term or even a short term basis should be factored into your decision making. An increase in your home’s value can be a good way to generate tax-free equity that can create long term financial security. In the past year, appreciation rates for homes in the Springfield area were 8.6% and 5 year appreciation rates were 4.1%.

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Monthly costs include: fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license fees, taxes, depreciation, and financing.
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Springfield Reviews

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The pit is dying

Springding is a dump. Real estate is cheap because the city has nothing to offer, there are few jobs unless you want to mop floors, pour coffee or wipe butts. There is lots of beer though! Apparently beer (along with meth) is the main economic engine of Springding. Realtors snap up dumpy homes under $50K for flipping (houses that should be demolished) and make huge profits because the idiots in the city are too stupid to see they are cheaply done flips. The local fascist "news" paper censors everything not pro-Obama or pro-demoncrat.
  • 4 -3
Fantastic Neighborhood and community

Living on south side of Springfield at the Fremont Landing apartments, I'm close by a school, so its great for kids, the general area has a lot to do, from the massive amount of restaurants to dine at, the lovely neighborhood mall centers around, and its just right on the edge of the city, so its peaceful and quiet enough to relax
  • 1 -1
Wish we had seen these reviews sooner..

Wish I had read reviews about this hole prior to moving here. How can a city and state have so freakin' many idiots and meth heads?
  • 3 -2
What a dump

This town wins the gold star for dump city USA. If you like bars and drugs you will looove Springding!Apparently, half of the populace of Springding has a double digit IQ, (thank God for Mississippi), while the other half are a#@holes. In fact, is there anyone in Missouri who is NOT an a#@hole?
  • 2 -1
This city is a PIT. Stay away.

This is one of THE worst cities in the U.S. It's full of meth addicts and pan handlers. The city has no planning, no FLOOD CONTROL it's just a freakin' mess. Do not, under any circumstances move to this hole. You will be sorry.
  • 3 -1
Going down hill fast, directly towards a construction zone.

Local colleges are easy and relatively cheap to free, but plan to keep your daughters safe. Lowlifes and bums are everywhere with meth psychos in the news daily. Central (including downtown) and north is a ghetto with criminal elements from St.louis and KC pouring in. All city planners & leaders do is pour money into south side decades long highway and road construction that destroys business and property values of the best part of the city. Bass Pro's Wonders of Wildlife has been "under construction" for over TEN years for example! If you want to stay moderately safe you had better LOVE nonsensical road construction every where you go. If you can't get into any other colleges or you're a lifer construction worker, this towns for you! Cheap trailers and a thriving AA community. If you're a professional that has a choice, just cut to the chase and flee to Nixa or Rogersville. It will just take a little longer for the highway/road crazed powers that be to get to you.
  • 2 -1
Springfield, Missouri - It's a Heck of a Town!

I have lived in Springfield, MO for 20 years and find it to be a wonderful city. One of my favorite places to hang out in Springfield is Downtown. This is definitely the pub crawl district and whether you want to spend an evening with friends or meeting new people, you can do it all here. One of my favorite clubs is the ICON Nightclub. It plays Top 40 music and has a good college and young professional crowd.

Sprinfield also has some great restaurants to choose from. My favorite restaurant downtown is Big Whiskeys. Their burgers are some of the best I've ever had. For those seeking live music in Springfield, you must check out the Outland Bar, which features the best bands in the city. In addition, nearly all of the bars and clubs are within walking distance, making it simple to barhop. While in town, make sure you try some of Springfield's special Chinese cashew chicken, which is undoubtably some of the best in the country!

Overall, Springfield is a great place to visit or live. Both ways you can enjoy the vibrant nighlife and take advantage of the low cost of living that Springfield offers.
  • 1 -3
Reason for reporting
Source: The Springfield, MO data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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