Ranked in the 43rd percentile


  • Spokane is ranked #355 in Washington
  • Spokane is ranked #16,663 in the USA
  • Lots of Local Amenities
  • Low Cost of Living
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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Spokane, WA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Manitocannon Hill, Spokane772.44,778
Rockwood, Spokane762.84,304
Five Mileprairie, Spokane734.52,072
Comstock, Spokane723.76,679
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Riverside, Spokane720.63,397
Moran Prairie, Spokane714.98,559
Northwest, Spokane703.121,532
Peaceful Valley, Spokane690.8865

Best Cities Near Spokane, WA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Dalton Gardens, ID8631.22,356
Hayden, ID8030.113,916
Liberty Lake, WA8015.48,566
Hayden Lake, ID7832.2731
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Millwood, WA777.21,655
Town and Country, WA754.25,048
Post Falls, ID7423.330,157
Fernan Lake Village, ID7431.9152

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Spokane is still spokant

Spokane has a lot of this to work on. Their is no housing code embactment department to uohoald building code enforcement and people live in houses that give them cancer. Homes here are rotting with people living inside them literally. The realestate is going up thinking it's comparable to California is a joke. I just moved from California and I can say it's not cheaper to live here when the people are cheaper here. Cheap people equal expensive prices for crap. Here In Washington the state laws do not protect renters or employees as much as state laws in California .. I was working at Denny's and my boss sexually propositioned me and he got away with it because of how currupt Spokane really is. The city forgets about how they rounded up all the Indians and killed them downtown 100 years ago some how it isn't in the history books. This city used to be magical but then I grew up and realized it is a garbage dumb .. The best thing about Spokane is the freeway leaving the area. I grew up here and it used to be so pretty now the valley looks like crap it's over crowded the air sucks water pollution in drinking water is being reported all over because no water systems have been removed and replaced in 100 years. If you don't drown in the river you may freeze to death because the weather here is always cold the water never gets hot. In the winter time it is nasty streets covered in snow bad weather too crowded .. Best thing is a snow day when everyone gets a day off. But unfortunately the weather has been getting really bad power lines have been snapped previously leaving people vulnerable without power in the elements of winter . many people have frozen to death in their homes in Spokane due to power failure especially the elders. The homeless people are drug addict and not getting the help they need. Downtown is open durring remodeling it looks like crap. The shopping here is a joke because coming from California I already know Spokane is behind the times and still paying full price. With best wishes to the small companies believing the idealistics of a achievable goal as a possible outcome. because this is a new corporate Spokane where the freeway is more important then the people. And if your on disability insurance this is the worst place because houses are going up for nothing in crap neighborhoods and crap ran down apartments. . I just moved in my oven don't work my fridge leaks my dishwasher is fifty years old my apartment had not been remodeled since it was built .but I had to get new carpet because it smelled so bad and I can't complain about everything at once so I literally am living without working appliances so that way I don't make too many waves . crack heads everywhere in Spokane is something to get used to because it is the third meth capital in California. the toothless population I call them lol .. I don't think I am staying in Spokane it is disappointing and frustrating that drug dealers are not prosecuted here either I reported a drug dealer I recorded admitting to have sold illegal narcotics to Spokane community for 20 years while he manipulated his ssi check to get the pills. I still have the recordings and oddly I made a police report and nothing ever happened. He is still selling his pills to the manager of red lobster next to Northtown mall. This city of Spokane has a large amount of gay bisexual men who are all HIV positive and taking prep to control it but they are also drinking and smoking meth that makes the prep not work so for future gay residents I was told if I was going to be gay in Spokane to get on prep and that is a big red flag and a bad sign. The gay community is a joke older men using younger men and the ones with HIV are going around spreading it like wild fire. So be careful because even the YMCA and local gyms are constantly soliciting people on Craigslist for sex party In the showers and mrsa can not be removed from a facility and my friend got mrsa from the racquet club in Spokane and almost died Last week. Hope this helps anyone deciding on if Spokane is a good fit for you. Stop and think about what you can do to improve Spokane if you come to Spokane. If you are buying a house in Spokane the realestate is a joke right now people are really over paying for crap houses don't over pay for garbage Spokane loves a sucker with money and only a real looser would buy a house in Spokane thinking it's a flip option when so many houses and neighborhoods are in such disrepair the whole city should be considered a fire hazard.
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Chad Horne Posted on May 26, 2017
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Relocation to spokane I am moving here from wyoming can anyone tell me how is the cost of living here are there any parks museums how is the climate any good malls were is the best place to get furniture how is the transportation and economy
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KartvelishviliPosted on Jun 16, 2016
Moving to Spokane My husband is retiring from the Marine Corps and just accepted a job in Spokane. We are both originally from the Tri-Cities, WA area. We've loved visiting Spokane in the past and are excited about moving to the area and being relatively close to home again. We are in the process of looking for a home and aren't really sure where to start. We are looking …
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kitty_kat66Posted on Jul 16, 2014
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Source: The Spokane, WA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).