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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Spokane, WA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Manitocannon Hill, Spokane792.44,778
Rockwood, Spokane782.84,304
Lincoln Heights, Spokane773.814,131
North Indian Trail, Spokane776.17,003
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Peaceful Valley, Spokane770.8865
Moran Prairie, Spokane774.98,559
Minnehaha, Spokane763.63,254
North Hill, Spokane762.412,470

Best Cities Near Spokane, WA

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Millwood, WA817.21,655
Hayden, ID8030.113,916
Dalton Gardens, ID8031.22,356
Liberty Lake, WA8015.48,566
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Town and Country, WA784.25,048
Hayden Lake, ID7632.2731
Post Falls, ID7523.330,157
Blanchard, ID7531.3233

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Beautiful area but has people problems

I have been living in Spokane for almost 4 years now. I moved here because of a job. I will mention the positives first. Downtown Spokane has a few nice tree lined streets and a lovely park that overlooks Spokane Falls. Centennial Trail is another major positive for Spokane. It begins at Nine Mile Falls and goes to the Idaho border and can be walked, biked, or skated. There are many outdoor things to do in the outlying areas: hiking, boating, camping, skiing, rafting, hunting, fishing, cycling, etc. Sadly, there are too many negatives that override the positives. Spokane can best be described as some kind of Post-industrial City that doesn't know how to budget money. My guess is that the taxes mostly end up lining the pockets of bureaucrats. Spokane has a very high crime rate (you can check it out on one of the sites that compiles all city crime rates). I live downtown and someone was shot just around the corner from where I live; apparently it was drug related. I heard 3 gun shots and then a man screaming help. There has been so many murders since I moved here. I here about them all the time. Spokane also appears to be a Favorite spot for the State to dump it's newly released Sex offenders. Drug addicts are all over wandering around and panhandling. I love walking and when I first moved here I used to go down by the river around "People's Park", as there are trails, but the sewer smell was very overpowering and, again, there were strange people wandering around the trails. A lady I work with, who was born and raised here, was shocked I was down there walking around the trails after I told her how I kept running into strange people back on the trails. She told me to "never go there again". She said it used to be different in Spokane but has gone down hill.One day I came out of my apartment complex and a transient woman I walked passed took a swing at me and almost hit me in the head. It was totally unprovoked. While walking, I have also had many incidents of people yelling things out car windows at me, lewd gestures, etc. So, I gave up taking walks. There was just too many psychos out, not to mention people with pit bulls and other bad breeds not on leashes. The PROFESSIONAL classes here, are bad. I have had bad experiences with doctors and was charged $200 for going in after I took a hard fall from a Running accident where I hit my head and my arm became infected from the cuts. The Physicians Assistant saw me 5 minutes and prescribed a muscle relaxer which I never took. I finally went to urgent care a few days later and had to pay more money to get anti-biotics. I had an issue regarding my house I lost before moving to Spokane, and went to an Attorney for advise. Spent $300 and got a print out from the internet. Something was wrong with my car and I took it to a shop off of Hamilton. They charged me $250 for something I found out I didn't need.Overall, there are many very low class people here. And very unfriendly. I am planning on moving in another 2 years. Can't wait. This is about the worse place I have ever lived.
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Relocation to spokane I am moving here from wyoming can anyone tell me how is the cost of living here are there any parks museums how is the climate any good malls were is the best place to get furniture how is the transportation and economy
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Moving to Spokane My husband is retiring from the Marine Corps and just accepted a job in Spokane. We are both originally from the Tri-Cities, WA area. We've loved visiting Spokane in the past and are excited about moving to the area and being relatively close to home again. We are in the process of looking for a home and aren't really sure where to start. We are looking …
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