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I've lived in the Sedona area my entire life (40+ years). I have seen so many changes, and none for the better. 1) Local Government/Real Estate - Sedona continually has tax increases, supposedly to help alleviate the heavy traffic issues, but nothing has really been done so far. Roundabouts were installed, but I think they've only caused more problems than solutions and are very nerve-racking and dangerous. I've seen numerous people stopping half way round or completely going the wrong way. There have even been some people who don't yield and have almost caused accidents. My job commute is 9 miles (Village of Oak Creek to West Sedona) and I have to leave my house an hour early just to make it to work on time, getting back home is no different. The Real Estate market has been a bit off lately, the demand for property is high, but the inventory is low, which makes the prices a lot higher. And with higher prices comes higher property taxes.2) Job Market - There really are no decent paying jobs in the area, most are minimum wage and deal with either hospitality or tourism. Even with two full time jobs, you still would not be able to live by yourself comfortably, I've tried. There is little to no opportunity for growth, unless you commute to and from Phoenix for work, which is about 2 hours away.3) Landscape/Attractions/Tourism - The red rocks are beautiful to see and Sedona is a great place to visit, when you can take your time and mosey about. I feel sorry for those who were sucked in by the spiritual "vortex" tours though, 20 years ago, there was no such thing as a vortex. It became a blatant lie for some to make a profit. Other area attractions like Slide Rock and Grasshopper Point are not worth going to anymore. The water in Oak Creek has become contaminated and there is often garbage scattered everywhere. When I was younger, we would enjoy a day trip to Slide Rock or Grasshopper Point and it didn't cost anything. Now, you need a "Red Rock Pass" and have to pay, which is sad. Tourism has greatly degraded Sedona to the point where the locals completely avoid all the areas we use to love. Many of the trails are often overrun with people constantly which makes mountain biking and hiking more challenging. There are lot of yoga and meditation sessions if you're into that sort of thing.4) Family - This area is not the best place to raise children. The schools are sub-par. Sedona takes more pride in how the town looks rather than focus on education or anything else for that matter. There is really nothing for children to do here other than hike or mountain bike. We have a movie theater and Cottonwood has a skate park. I see most of the teenagers in Cottonwood hanging out in either the Walmart parking lot or the Food City parking lot because they have nothing to do.5) Night Life - Absolutely none. The whole town closes down between 8pm and 9pm, Cottonwood is no different.Shopping - We have a few stores, mostly grocery and heath food. There are numerous overpriced clothing and trinket stores as well. For any day to day shopping, you need to commute to Cottonwood, Flagstaff or Prescott.6) Community - Most people I've encountered are very self-centered and stuck up. If you don't make over $500,000 a year and walk with your nose in the air, don't expect a warm welcome...unless you're buying something. Many of the hippies/crystal crunchers are nice enough, though some are very strange and unnerving sometimes. In my neighborhood, if you don't live on the golf course or play golf, you're a nobody and ever so often get a dirty look. I recently got a new 2017 Mustang and my neighbors have complained because it wasn't a BMW or Porsche. Sedona has become a very materialistic place full of people who are under the impression that they are better than everyone else. Every now and then you will find some nice people, but most will only be nice if they benefit in some way.7) Weather - The weather is great if you don't like moisture. The sun shines nearly all year round, so sunglasses and sunscreen are a must! Our seasons usually can't make up their minds, this year has been very very dry and our winter has felt like spring. Be prepared to dust everything in your house numerous times a week, all the dryness tends to cause a lot of dirt to kick up, especially on windy days. The temperature varies quite a bit all year round. Some winters, it can be as low as in the 20s overnight until around 1pm when the temperature gets up in the 60s or 70s, so dress in layers! Summers can be brutal, the sun is not forgiving and over time will deteriorate your car, especially soft convertible tops and uncovered dashes.8) Wildlife - There are a lot of animals running around, and I don't mean strays. Coyotes and javelina are the main ones that are always running around, they don't bother anyone most of the time, unless they have rabies, which is rare. There are snakes, rattle snakes, king snakes, bull snakes, garter snakes, all kind of snakes! They usually don't harm anyone unless they are provoked. Scorpions, tarantulas and black widow spiders are present too and sometimes like to invite themselves into your home to say hi. There are many different beautiful birds in the area, so if you're a bird enthusiast, this is a great place to bird watch if you can find a place quiet enough. Sedona offers all kinds of desert dwelling critters.9) Dining - There are several restaurants to choose from. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend. Sedona is mostly Italian food or Mexican food. There are very few Chinese or American food restaurants. There is one McDonald's and one Burger King, those are obviously the quickest and cheapest. There are also quite a few fine dining restaurants, some with usually over an hour wait just to be seated, and they cost a pretty penny. There are also, many wineries in the area along with some breweries.My advice before moving to Sedona - Do a lot of research, visit often and at different times of the year, and talk to other locals that have actually been here for more than 20 years. It really depends on your lifestyle and what you want. I have been trying to save up enough money to move out of here, which hasn't been easy, but if your lifestyle fits, you will probably enjoy living in Sedona.
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