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Population: 99,862Median home value: $850,944 77 Ranks better than 87% of areas
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A+ West San Jose Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
F West San Jose Cost of Living Cost of living is 43% higher than California
West San Jose
19898% more expensive than the US average
San Jose
17777% more expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
West San Jose cost of living
A- West San Jose Crime Total crime is 40% lower than California
Total crime
1,75836% lower than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 5736% lower than the US average
Year-over-year crime
3%Year over year crime is up
West San Jose crime
B+ West San Jose Employment Household income is 68% higher than California
Median household income
$107,15694% higher than the US average
Income per capita
$47,30059% higher than the US average
Unemployment rate
4%7% lower than the US average
West San Jose employment
D- West San Jose Housing Home value is 108% higher than California
Median home value
$850,944361% higher than the US average
Median rent price
$1,67777% higher than the US average
Home ownership
47%25% lower than the US average
West San Jose real estate or West San Jose rentals
A West San Jose Schools HS graduation rate is 12% higher than California
High school grad. rates
90%8% higher than the US average
School test scores
64%30% higher than the US average
Student teacher ratio
n/aequal to the US average
San Jose K-12 schools or San Jose colleges

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West San Jose - Great Shopping!

I currently reside in San Jose, California. I have been here for about 2 years. There are many great things about this area. One is of course the shopping. There are plenty of places to find whatever you may need. There are upscale and every day shops to choose from. Another thing I really enjoy is the overall area. This area is more upscale than most. You will not see a mass number of delinquents running around the streets here. Everybody has some sort of responsibility to them. There are also fabulous beaches nearby. The beaches are a great place to spend the day relaxing. You will feel like you're in heaven when being in this area. The sun shines more than ever over here.

I live in West San Jose. This is located in San Jose, California. This neighborhood has many great things about it. One great thing is how upscale it is. Many people are not fortunate enough to live somewhere this nice. This neighborhood consists of million dollar homes. The neighborhood community is outstanding. Everybody in this neighborhood is more than friendly. The home owners association is very responsible with keeping everything up. They make sure to collect the yearly dues and budget everything out for the neighborhood. This neighborhoods landscaping is beautiful. Individuals work very hard to keep the flowers looking great year around. The roads are also paved nicely. You will not find huge pot holes in this neighborhood. This will make you feel better about driving on these roads daily. West San Jose is a great place to raise children. You will not have to worry about gang violence or anything along that line. It is impossible to assure anywhere is crime free, but this is the closest you will ever get.

Overall, this neighborhood is outstanding. Many hardworking individuals reside here. I honestly wouldn't consider living anywhere else. Keep this neighborhood in mind next time you are looking to make your next big move. You will be glad you made this smart decision!
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Source: The West San Jose, San Jose, CA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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