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looking to move to san diego i am a 38 year old from Philadelphia looking to move to San Diego and i am looking for some input. I am trying to get a job lined up before i go out there so i'll have that to start with. I also have a buddy living out there and we have been talking about starting a business. I have an 8 year old son, who has really bad asthma and allergies, and his mother that would eventually come out as well. I am just trying to hear some opinions about living in San Diego. Thanks Answer question
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tommyc713Posted on Mar 08, 2016
Weather and Foggy Conditions in January-March We are considering a visit to the SanDiego area this winter and cannot find any information about how foggy it is in the different "coastal" communities. Are there any that are less apt to have fog during the winter months? Answer question
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KarmaPosted on Jul 20, 2012
Job Chances and network opportunities. Hello everybody, my question is really simple and is intended to better understand whether a european man (26) can have a chance to find a job in San Diego or not. If not in San Diego which other city would you suggest in order to have greater opportunities to enter the labor market. My area of specialization is in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and I currently hold the position of Key Account Business Anaylst. In addition I would like to know if in San Diego there are enough events to meet influential people and entrepreneurs who can give a greater exposure in the local labor market. Thank you all for your ideas and support. Matt Answer question
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mattverickPosted on Jul 11, 2011
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