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amusement parks of san antonio why do you live in a city with high criminality? Answer question
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peacemakerPosted on Oct 09, 2015
is it worth the move? i have a friend who recently moved there and says i should follow suit. he says that while some areas are sketchy, being a guy i am likely to be mainly left alone. however, i have been reading many reviews. as any, i am curious what jobs look like. i am not a college grad, know very little spanish. i am curious as to how schooling looks there, as i am partially done. as well, crime rates. i just want to know what i am getting myself into by moving there. i just want somewhere to live that is nice. decent weather, lesser crime rate, and jobs. i have done plenty of research. as i would be looking for entry level things, what can be said about the area? i want a fresh start far from home, and basically am wondering if this is the place? Answer question
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scerbzPosted on Nov 05, 2012
Best areas in San Antonio Hello my husband and I are moving to San antonio with our 3 kids. i will like to know is there a big issue there with biracial couples? I've live in california all my life moving somewhere else will be sad, but husband is really determine to move there because his job. He doesn't want to live In california His from the south. Please tell me what are the good areas to move to with kids, and where the best schools are. if i don't move with him with might split and I don't want that. I just don't know anything about San Antonio we are moving there in July. anyone please tell me some good things about San Antonio. Thank you. Answer question
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lovebirds9Posted on May 31, 2011
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