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Five Days in Salem, MA

I once spent five days in Salem, MA. I had wanted to go there every since I read about the Salem Witch Trials in school. The whole idea of all of this intrigued me. Strangely enough, this kind of thing seems to be an attraction to many people. It doesn't matter how gruesome the past history of a place is, it seems as if people have it in their nature to be fascinated by it. Just as quick as I was out of college and had a bit of money saved up, I headed for Salem. A fellow enthusiast who was also a dear friend of mine also went along for this trip. Salem in itself is a very beautiful city. There has been great measures taken to keep the old world feel to the town. It drew me in and within a few miles into the town I was completely smitten with all that my eyes beheld. We stayed at a cozy inn on the outskirts of town that seemed more like an old farmhouse than an inn. Although this was part of the charm, I think it would have been a bit better for us to stay somewhere that we had certain amenities such as our own private bathrooms. There were many things to do and see in Salem, most of which was something that involved witchcraft and past events. This was what I had wanted to see, but it almost gave my friend a feeling that was somewhat unsettling. She even decided to stay at the inn on my last few excursions. She made the remark that the the town seemed a bit too prideful of all of the sinister things that had happened. Salem is a great place to visit, but I guess you have to really be interested in the history to truly enjoy all that it has to offer.
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