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Reasonably Priced Neighborhood a For Professional w/Dogs Okay so I very likely will be taking a job in the Woodland area. My best options appear to be either in Davis or in one of the Sacramento neighborhoods. Some people that know me and the Sac area recommended Midtown and West Sac neighborhoods. I would like to keep my commute to around 25 minutes. I would also like an area where there are some amenities, Restaurants and some entertainment maybe. I am a single professional and live with 2 dogs (soon to be down to one). Any recommendations/suggestions/ thoughts on Davis and/or Sacramento? I am scheduled to fly to the area in 2 weeks but will only be able to drive through select neigh rhode. Thx. Answer question
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Income Taxes in Sacramento Hi guys! I am planning to move to Sacramento in a year, and I would like to know about taxes there. I have found a different rates of Income taxes for different type of filing, but (since I am living in Armenia and have no idea about Californian taxation) will appreciate if somebody could explain me the taxation rules, I mean shall I pay SACRAMENTO MUNICIPAL TAXES + CALIFORNIA STATE TAXES + US FEDERAL TAXES... or just a simple one, united tax for all that. Please, I'll appreciate the human English (not "Banking") since the English, specially American Slang are not my native ways of communications. :-)Thanks for your time! Answer question
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Is Area Around Greyhound Bus Station (420 Richards) SAFE? Is the area at the Greyhound Station (420 Richards) safe to wait for and take a bus to midtown? Bus stop is at Richards and Sequoa Answer question
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