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Peaceful Small Town And Lots Of Country

I thought living here was decent. To be quite honest I am not use to living in a country setting. Living in Ripon is a lot different than living in the city for sure. I am from the the Bay Area, California, so moving to Ripon was a big change. There is not a lot of restaurants of places to go eat at. There are your major chain restaurants that everyone is familiar with in the city areas of Ripon, like Denny's or IHOP. I feel that Ripon is for people who doesn't mind living in a small town and not minding that there is not much diversity. Ripon tends to get extremely hot here. The best areas in Ripon is the small city areas where you can find some small shopping locations. There is not much city life here. There is a significant amount of farms and empty lands. Ripon is a good place to live if you like it quiet and are not much of a city person.
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