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A+ Reno Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
D- Reno Cost of Living Cost of living is 6% higher than Nevada
11010% more expensive than the US average
1033% more expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
Reno cost of living
F Reno Crime Total crime is 19% higher than Nevada
Total crime
3,75937% higher than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 2737% higher than the US average
Year-over-year crime
1%Year over year crime is up
Reno crime
D Reno Employment Household income is 8% lower than Nevada
Median household income
$48,81512% lower than the US average
Income per capita
$27,8117% lower than the US average
Unemployment rate
5%8% higher than the US average
Reno employment
B- Reno Housing Home value is 23% higher than Nevada
Median home value
$235,80028% higher than the US average
Median rent price
$8728% lower than the US average
Home ownership
46%27% lower than the US average
Reno real estate
D+ Reno Schools HS graduation rate is 1% higher than Nevada
High school grad. rates
82%1% lower than the US average
School test scores
n/aequal to the US average
Student teacher ratio
18:111% higher than the US average
Reno K-12 schools or Reno colleges

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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Reno, NV

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
South Reno, Reno767.721,203
Northwest, Reno735.926,555
Old Northwest-West University, Reno711.220,849
Southwest, Reno683.435,520
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
East Reno, Reno653.538,120
North Valleys, Reno659.632,035
South Central, Reno653.725,682
Northeast, Reno641.623,736

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PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Chilcoot-Vinton, CA8325.8122
Calpine, CA7934.6174
Logan Creek, NV7532.642
Soda Springs, CA7433.358
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Verdi, NV739.11,399
Mogul, NV735.91,683
Washoe Valley, NV7216.52,950
Kingvale, CA7236.3122
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Honest look at a great little city

I have lived in many places around the world through the years and I have found that each place has its pluses and minuses. You have to find out what is most important to you. For me and my family we want to be around family (my family is in Northern CA and Reno), a place with lots of sun but not hot, I don't like the cold or rain, amenities of a city but dislike crowds, and we need access to the mountains. We have lived everywhere from San Francisco Bay Area or the suburbs of Denver to a small mayan village on a beautiful lake in the mountains of Guatemala (while very beautiful, very inconvenient). We have lived in Reno on 4 separate occasions and currently live here (and don't think we will leave). Below are my honest reflections about Reno.WEATHERLots of sun is important to me and Reno has plenty. The rare thing is that it is generally not that hot (in comparison to other very sunny cities, ie Phoenix, Las Vegas...). The key to the weather here is that it is dry. Most people don't quite understand the dry. It makes the hot less hot because your body can cool itself without feeling sweaty and the cold feels less cold (I grew up in the damp SF area BRRR...). Summers will get into the 100s at times but as I said before, it doesn't feel too bad. The winters are cold but tame. It gets into the teens and has enough snow to make the occasional snowman but the snow rarely stays for more than a day or two. The other key to Reno weather is the wind. It can get windy here. There are parts of town better than others but in general, it is a windy place.THINGS TO DOOptions abound here. Reno has the same amount of things to do as any extremely large metropolis but it still is a small city. That's why its called the "biggest little city". We don't have the big pro sports teams but there is a minor league baseball team and soccer team with the stadium that provides great family fun. Many of the touring Vegas shows also come to Reno so there are plenty of concerts, shows, live theater, comedians... Dining options also abound. One of the best unique options in Reno is the sushi. The sushi here is uncommonly good and all the sushi restaurants have "all you can eat" as the mainstay for about $26. There are great restaurants with urban vibes downtown, quaint bakeries, franchise places in malls, pretty much any ethnic or style of restaurant possible.When we lived in Fort Collins CO it was very similar to Reno. One of the main differences is Reno's proximity to California. Fort Collins had the mountains and snow but no way to escape it. Reno is only 2 hours from Sacramento and warm weather in the winter if you need a break. within a day trip distance is Yosemite, San Francisco, Napa vineyards, the ocean as well as many of the other things that make CA a diverse and beautiful place. The outdoors needed a separate paragraph. There is a network of paved bike trails in town, especially the one along the Truckee river that extends all the way through the city. Tahoe isn't just nearby but very close. Tahoe would need a review in and of itself to describe all the activities from kayaking, skiing, waterskiing, hiking. It is breathtaking and amazing. It would be a great place to live except it is sooo expensive, very cold, and lacking daily conveniences I need which are here in Reno.FAMILY AMMENITIESHere I wish Reno was better. I have 6 kids. While Reno has plenty of outdoor activities and is becoming better in this area it cannot compare to places like Fort Collins CO or other specifically family friendly towns. There are plenty of parks and lots of stuff to do as a family but most of them cost money (Art Museum, Children's Museum, Aces Baseball Stadium, Ice Skating...). The best free family activities come during the month of July when the entire city celebrates Art Town for the entire month. Look it up, it is great for families, which leads to the next category...FESTIVALSHere it is really hard to beat Reno. For a city of this size, it has an enormous amount of festivals and celebrations and big ones too. Hot August Nights is probably one of the worlds biggest classic car festivals lasting a week in early August. There is the Hot Air Balloon Races (2nd largest in the world), the National Air Races (planes), National Rib Cookoff, Street Vibrations (motorcycles), Art Town, World championship kayak competition … the list just keeps going. Just about every month there is some festival going on.CULTUREThe culture of Reno carries with it much of the culture of Nevada in general as it is right next door to the capitol Carson City. This culture is a bit "wild West" meaning it is based in the "Don't bother me and I won't bother you" mentality. The benefit is that rules and regulations are more relaxed and neighbors are generally helpful and friendly. The downside is the lack of focus on social services for the disadvantaged making it a harder place for the poor. The culture has been shifting for the past 20 years or so. Years ago the place was founded in gaming but is has steadily moved away from that to outdoor activities. The mountains are so close you can visit them on your lunch break. This being such a nearby resource, the culture includes hiking and biking in the summer and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. It is not very politically based society so neither Democrat nor Republican. Our family is multi-ethnic, some members being Caucasian, Black and Hispanic. Reno has no majority race among children and a slight majority of white among adults. The primary breakdown is white and Hispanic. There is an up and coming Asian and East Asian community. Unfortunately the Black community remains very small. Diversity here isn't great but it isn't monolithic as many places are. Differing cultures are definitely accepted here.EDUCATIONHere is Reno's big downside, public education here is bad (as is all of NV). Unfortunately, part of the culture doesn't value funding social programs and education falls in this category. We homeschooled so it wasn't an issue for us. There are good charter schools or other programs but if you are looking at Reno and have school age kids, this will have to be considered. For higher education, University Of Nevada, Reno is a great school and has lots of community support especially for the sports teams.COST OF LIVINGThere seem to be good jobs here of various types. Tech jobs are on the rise. The pay seems to be sufficient for a good lifestyle, maybe a little on the low side. Housing, whether buying or renting is getting expensive (as is everywhere) but I figure that will correct itself in the coming few years. It is no where near the cost of living in neighboring CA so in that regard it is a bargain which is why many of Reno's new population are from CA.SUMMARY - Best PartsI love that Reno has both Snow and Summer but both are mild. I love that Reno is sunny almost every day. I love that Reno is almost part of Tahoe and the mountains can be enjoyed every day in both view and in hiking. I love that Reno has the resources of a big city while still being quite small (dining, university, entertainment). I love that Reno is right next to the wonderful things of CA without actually being a part of the CA mess (I grew up in CA). I love the cultural focus on the outdoors. Of the many places we have lived, we decided Reno would be our home. The weather is great (though I still don't like the cold), our family is nearby, all the diversity nature has to offer is a daytrip away (including CA), there is always something to do and some festival to attend, and our mentality mostly matches the culture here.Kinda lengthy review. Reno isn't for everyone. It is dry, education is poor and there aren't great social services but it has world class outdoor activities and plenty of sun to enjoy them. The biggest thing is to figure out what is most important to you.
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Not worth it

Lived there for one year which is long enough to have a good idea about the place. Moved from Bay Area, DO NOT move to the north area. I lived off wedekind road, next door to drug dealers. Apparently Reno doesn't have a health department as the building was cockroach infested, and riddled with crime. Turns out many parts of Reno is. Maybe it's a great place to live for people who have a higher than average income or inherited wealth, to live in a decent area with decent performing schools. Work wasn't easy to find, couldn't work in manufacturing because I have a small child to look after so 12 hour shifts wouldn't work. Otherwise a job at like at rite aide wouldn't sustain me. Jobs seem to be hard to come by as it does seem matter who you know. Even a higher paying retail job which was low paying due to such a low minimum wage, would not sustain me. It began looking like one dead end after another. It's a town designed to take money from people coming through. Cost of living was high. I think it's overrated. It's not Lake Tahoe it's near Lake Tahoe. I think it has many decades to go to become anything if it'll ever reach that. One positive thing was I met meet friendly kind people, who made the bad seem more manageable. I loved the climate.
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Armpit Of Nevada

I grew up in Las Vegas. I moved to Reno over 20 years ago and truly wish I would have stayed in LV. This city has a dark cloud over it. It's getting bigger due to the influx of transplants from California and the illegal alien population is booming, too.

Firstly, if you don't make money, don't move here. It's expensive and you'll end up in an area that you can financially afford but will hate! Rent is high and the housing market is blowing up again. $300k for an 1800sqft house with a tiny backyard and the world's smallest drive-way? There are very few "good" areas left anymore. At one time Sparks used to be very family oriented. It still is if you're an illegal alien or a crack head. Sparks is looking like Sun Valley without the trailers.

Oh yeah, Google "Sun Valley Reno" and you'll find out it's the largest trailer park in the country and has the highest rate of criminals living there.

Crime in Reno/Sparks is out of control, especially in the past 2 years. Watch KOLO 8 and the vast majority are the above mentioned illegals or disgusting drug-addicts (for the most part). Anyone who tells you different must work or know someone on the city counsel. We have a high DUI rate here, too.

The downtown area is filthy and god forbid you have to drive down that way! I like to refer to downtown as the area that could have been, but never will be. It's a joke. Overpriced everything! If you like hanging out with scum, enjoy it.

During certain times of the month on certain streets you will see motorcycle cops pulling people over left and right. I got my first "speeding" ticket ever a few years ago... doing 5mph over. $115 fine. Any other time of month, 5MPH over is keeping up with the flow of traffic. On the cop days... it's a fine.

Speaking of traffic, Reno has the worst freeway system (not too mention the most obtuse drivers on the planet, but we will get to that). You have either 580 North/South or I-80 East/West. Guess what? It's backed up all the time. Why? Because when it was designed it wasn't meant to carry the traffic it does today. There's always some street under construction, which adds to the congestion, so you are screwed anyway you slice it. If you are fortunate to get off at a certain time of day before traffic starts to get heavy, good on ya! After 3:30pm, you are in for it. If you are off at 5:00pm, you might as well hang out somewhere until after 6:00pm or take all the side streets like some of us do.

Drivers here are STUPID!! This is my biggest annoyance in Reno... STUPID DRIVERS! Every day, without failure, there's always some idiot hogging up the "fast lane" or as it's called, the "passing lane". Doing 55MPH, nobody in front of them for a mile but a long line of irritated drivers behind them because they don't have the common courtesy (or brain capacity) to get over into the slower lane. And truckers around here are even worse! They'll cut you off because they think they own the road, hog the passing lane or jump right in front of you. I've had more issues with truckers here than anywhere I've ever driven (Las Vegas, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, etc.)

In all honesty, Reno is really small and it doesn't take long to get to where you need to go. But the driver mentality is just ridiculous. I ask myself every single day, "How can these people be so f'n dense??" If they drove like this in Vegas, they'd get run off the road!

Gas is expensive, groceries keep going up and car insurance rates are awful. AND HOW MANY WALMARTS DOES THIS CITY NEED!?!?! We have 2 Target stores and a million Walmarts!

As far as shopping, Legends at the Marina is pretty good as is the Summit Mall. Avoid Meadowood Mall - it's a pit. There are 2 Costco's in Reno and one at the back end of Carson City.

The best part is the skiing if we get snow. Tahoe is gorgeous beyond words and it really is the most redeeming quality around here. When we show clients around, we don't take them downtown Reno... we take them to Tahoe and Virginia City.

I know this review sounds bad. I am not a mean person and at one time I used to like Reno (like... in the 90's). Now it's just getting to be the dirtiest little city in the world and that's too bad.

I sold my house, made a really nice profit due to the overinflated market, and am out of here. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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Reno - The Bestest Little City in the World

I have lost count of the number of times that I have been to Reno, but one trip was my engagement. Put as directly as possible, I LOVE Reno, and I don't gamble. Reno has an excellent selection of restaurants. It also has great museums (really!). The hotels in Reno, while not as lavish as the Wynn Las Vegas, have genuinely nice people and truly good service. And the gaming is just plain fun.

What really sets Reno apart, though, is the setting. The Truckee River runs right through downtown and is home to excellent kayaking. A short drive can bring you to Virginia City, where Mark Twain once wrote, and the Comstock Lode generated countless riches. Or, one could visit the pristine deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Those with an interest in government are just barely half an hour away from the silver-domed Nevada state capitol in Carson City. Or, one could just stay in Reno and enjoy the mountain and city lights view from one's hotel room. Reno, NV is a great place, and very worth visiting.
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