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Best Places To Live In Raleigh, NC

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Raleigh, NC: Family-Friendly

Raleigh is the perfect example of a classic American city with Southern charm. It serves as the capital of North Carolina and often attracts people who want to live in a peaceful setting. The exciting attractions, enriching history and friendly locals make Raleigh the perfect place to call home. With just over 450,000 residents, Raleigh is not as crowded as many other U.S. cities but is certainly no ghost town.

There are many family-friendly neighborhoods and affordable housing options that exist throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. The median home price and cost of living are slightly above the national average, but it is always possible to find a good bargain in Raleigh. Some of the most affordable homes and rental properties on the market are in the Wade, Hillsborough and Central Raleigh neighborhoods. Just outside the city limits, reasonably priced housing can be found in Cary, Youngsville and Gorman.

Raleigh’s climate consists of four distinct seasons that offer something special for everyone. The average temperature in January ranges from the upper 30s to low 40s with some light snowfall. July is usually the hottest month of the year with temperatures climbing into the 80s. Precipitation totals are generally even throughout the year, however, the greatest totals often occur from July until the end of September.

Many of the best places to live in Raleigh are close to public transportation lines and major freeways. Interstates 40, 440 and 540 are used frequently by many of the city’s residents. GoRaleigh oversees the city’s public transportation system with buses that travel to points throughout Raleigh and the surrounding areas. Cycling is also possible along the N.C. Bicycle Routes #2 and #5.

Anyone who moves to Raleigh can also enjoy the city’s best attractions. The North Carolina Museum of History contains historical artifacts dating back to the Civil War and the state’s earliest days. The Mordechai House is the city’s oldest home that sits on its original foundation and is adjacent to the birthplace of U.S. President Andrew Johnson. Other attractions around the city that are worth visiting include the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, JC Raulston Arboretum, and Historic Yates Mill County Park.

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