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Princeton: Best Town in New Jersey

Having lived in various New Jersey cities and towns for 53 of my 68 years, and 25 of them in Princeton, I can safely say that Princeton is the best place to live in this state. First of all, the area is safe and the housing market will always be strong because of Princeton University. The University is a magnet for many companies, particularly high tech, in the area--and it is amusing how many companies, housing developments, and other organizations, etc that use the name "Princeton" in their name if they are anywhere near the town--you might think Princeton took up most of central New Jersey. Like Tiffany or Porsche, Princeton carries with it enough cache to justify the high housing cost. You should know that several years ago, two towns, Princeton Borough and Princeton Township combined to form Princeton--think of the Borough as the hole in the donut and the Township was the donut. The University and shops and businesses make up the center of Princeton today, while outside of the business district is the bucolic former Township. The schools are first-rate and, many fine restaurants of all prices, to dine and many historic sites to see. The public library is wonderful and offers many programs of all kinds. As a retiree, Princeton is great as there is a wonderful senior center and the University offers so many concerts, theater plays, and talks while the area has many outdoor activities sites such as Carnegie Lake. Most of all, people who work and live here seem genuinely happy and satisfied with the life here. People take pride in their homes and the town has many beautiful and diversified neighborhoods, and as I said, you feel safe here. I walk my dog sometimes late at night and never feel threatened--not even by the occasional fox, owl, or deer. On the downside, I must say areas that I think need improvement to be a totally honest review. For example, the Princeton Police do lack people/social skills and while some officers are very professional and will go the extra mile for you, others seem totally full of themselves and closed minded and, like some of the people who work for the municipality (for example, Engineering is notorious they -act as though they are doing you a big favor if they help you---but gosh, that is their jobs and why the public is paying them? Another area of improvement is local government often acts condescending towards the public taking a "we know better than you what your neighborhood needs" and the Princeton Council is amusing in that they all sit on a raised platform so they can actually, literally look down upon the public they serve. I have found that if you have a problem or concern that you want the Council to pay attention you must go to their meetings and speak out and write letters to the local newspapers to embarrass them into action, or they will pay you no attention. Lastly of all, is the Medical Center which a while ago moved outside of Princeton proper to Route 1. Medical care is uneven--the ER offers poor service at best, and if fact, a recent review of the Medical Center said it excelled in but one area: clean bathrooms!!! So if you ever need a medical procedure, best go to Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick. But, despite these drawbacks--I never want to hear "why didn't you tell me that," Princeton is a great place to live and welcoming to those of all races, nationalities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations--yes LGBTQ does not raise an eyebrow here. So, if you are looking for a place to live in New Jersey, by all means, check out Princeton! Princeton has many charms and is plain and simple, just a great place to live, and if you decide to life here and when you want more than the many, many local attractions, the Jersey shore, Philadelphia, and New York are just a short commute away!
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Midway between two great cities, rural sophistication, easy travel ...

Not just an exurban stop. Princeton is a vibrant stimulating destination. Princeton ranks at the top for intellectual and physical pursuits: family, recreation, poetry, literature, performing arts, nature, and new ideas. Plus the serious stuff for education at all levels; science, public policy, social science, good health, and living better. There is an infectious curiosity that can infuse every aspect of your life when you live here. A virtual virus for knowing. Your Princeton is about the Greater Princeton NJ area way of life. Google yourprinceton dot com Living here you realize how convenient the town is to the ocean-shore, mountains, and recreational river pursuits. It really is a great east coast college town. The people are energetic civic mined and fun. Come visit and see for yourself.
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