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Everyone's Home Town is Prescott, AZ

When the vast majority of people in Arizona want to get away from the heat and rat race of the cities, they go to Prescott. It is a vibrant city filled with wonderful and nice people. There is always something fun happening around the city courthouse square, at the many museums, performing art centers or at adhoc venues. It is just a pleasant and exciting place to be! It is billed as "Everyone's Home Town" and it is that and more. There are five colleges in the area, many excellent restaurants, and the locals are welcoming to visitors. The town is filled to the brim with a rich and sometimes sordid history. We are known for our Whiskey Row where much of the history of the area took place. You can stroll into the Palace Saloon just like the famous men, and women, of the old west did 100 years ago. Prescott is not just about western history, it is a big art town too. Many past and current western artists live in the area. Shopping is great here too as there are many boutiques and galleries along with a mall too. For a unique and educational experience come to Prescott...you will not want to leave as it has just about everything to offer!
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