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Phillipsburg New Jersey: Great Community Lifestyle

I experienced a great community lifestyle while living in Phillipsburg New Jersey. The city is a suburbia of Warren County. Phillipsburg is close to Pennsylvania. The town has a mediocre school system, however, the academic staff is caring and unwavering. Employment in Phillipsburg has somewhat diminished over the last few years, but new businesses are migrating in to fill gaps. The housing market has some room for improvement. The weather here is nice all year. My family and I enjoy all the seasons. Some of the best areas in Phillipsburg New Jersey surround the central downtown area. There are unique shops, great places to dine, and other attractions in the district. The community is a great place to raise a family. There is a great presence for community sports and other activities for kids. Everyone is friendly and extremely welcoming. The town is very active in annual events and the best part about it is that it's not hard on your pockets. I and my family love the town and its community of friendly neighbors.
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