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Quickly becoming an impoverished drug town

The crime stats are a total joke. In the last 10 years, Paradise has become an impoverished town full of meth houses, marijuana grow houses, and honey oil labs. There are not 45 police officers unless you are counting staff and the 80 yr and up volunteers. We have 3 full time police officers. The town council turns a blind eye to the fact that Paradise is becoming a major area for marijuana cultivation. It is hard to find a neighborhood without meth houses and/or several grow houses. This is not a problem to the police and town leadership, they do nothing about it and they do not report it as a crime, thus the nice crime stats. It is a major problem if you are a resident here however. Illegal marijuana growers have infiltrated neighborhoods, they typically have an arsenal of firearms and vicious dogs. They are attracting crime and making are neighborhoods dangerous places to live. When I think drug cartel, I no longer think of just Mexico. Regarding outdoor recreation, be careful where you hike here. It used to be safe, I used to hike all over and 4 wheel on dirt roads throughout the hills. I have run into marijuana grows several times in many different places. I no longer hike or 4-wheel here unless it is in a very public place. Paradise is no longer what it's name implies, in fact it is quite the opposite.
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