Pana 62 Average
Pana Livability #794 ranked city in Illinois#15,289 ranked city in the USARanks better than 47% of areas

Pros and Cons of Living in Pana

  • Cost Of Living

    Taking into account the cost of goods and services like housing, groceries, transportation and utilities, the overall cost of living in this area is well below average.

  • Housing

    High scores in the housing category are a distinguishing feature of this area, possibly driven by a favorable home affordability ratio, higher home values and appreciation rates.

  • Amenities

    The majority of amenities are not ideally located within walking distance. To access these amenities, residents may be required to rely on a vehicle or public transit.

  • Commute

    A low commute score could be due to longer-than-average work commutes and the limited availability of public transportation in this area.

  • Health & Safety

    The low score in this category could be due to challenges related to air quality and the limited accessibility of health-related facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and pharmacies.

  • Schools

    The low schools score could result from issues like below-average graduation rates, inadequate reading and math scores, and the unavailability of local elementary and high schools.

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What's it like Living in Pana?

Pana is a small city located in the state of Illinois. The city has a population of 5,338 people. According to the most recent Census, 97% of Pana residents are White, 1% Black and 1% Asian. On a daily basis, the typical American spends approximately 26 minutes on their one-way work commute. Reduced travel times not only contributes to increased overall happiness, but also affords more opportunities to cherish moments with family and friends. If you're living in Pana, your commute time will align closely with the national average, spanning a one-way duration of approximately 25 minutes.

Whether you’re moving to a new city to be closer to family, friends or for a new job, living in Pana could be a positive experience compared to other cities in Illinois if you know where to search. Don't forget to determine what matters most to you in a neighborhood. Consider factors such as safety, proximity to work or school, access to amenities (like parks, fitness facilities, grocery stores, restaurants), public transportation options, community atmosphere and the overall vibe you're looking for. Using the livability score which includes data from categories like commute, health & safety, employment, you can easily compare the best places to live in Pana and also determine if there are any nearby cities that might be a better match for your lifestyle. You can also compare Pana to Illinois and the national average.

Pana has a livability score of 60/100 and is ranked #803 in Illinois and #16,650 in the USA. Compared to the national average, this city has a score which ranks among the lowest in the nation, and it is not considered a very livable city. If we take a closer look at each of the categories individually, we see that Pana ranks well for housing (A-). On a more negative note, Pana does not have favorable ranks for the following: amenities (F), crime (D) and education (F). If we take a look at the data, we can find out why.

In today's ever-changing economic climate, pursuing a cost-effective lifestyle takes on heightened importance, particularly with the continual increase in prices for everyday necessities. When living in Pana, residents are privileged to experience a cost of living that stands 24.88% below the national average. This advantageous position has a far-reaching impact, spanning a wide array of expenditures, encompassing not just goods and services, but also housing, groceries, and transportation costs. As a result, this area emerges as a central hub where your financial resources yield greater value, allowing for the maintenance of an economically sustainable lifestyle. This affordability holds exceptional significance in an era characterized by mounting expenses, making Pana an attractive destination for individuals seeking financial prudence without compromising their quality of life.

Unemployment rates can range pretty dramatically from one city to another. Knowing that Pana has an unemployment rate of 0.81% could mean increased job opportunities with a higher demand for workers. It could also lead to higher wages, as the demand for workers exceeds the availability of jobs. Most importantly, it could be a sign of a healthy and thriving local economy.

A healthy real estate market serves as a key economic indicator. It could signify overall local economic strength, stability and reflects consumer confidence in the area. Based on multiple factors including: median home and rental prices, appreciation rates and home affordability, Pana has received high marks in the housing category. Based on these calculations, the apartment rental and real estate market appears to be very healthy.

Pana real estate prices and overall affordability will play a huge role in determining if the area is the right fit for you. Of course there are probably some other items on your “wish list”, but even before they are considered, let’s take a look at the home prices and affordability in Pana. The median home price for Pana homes is $74,800, which is 57.2% lower than the Illinois average. If we take a closer look at the affordability of homes in Pana, we’ll see that the home price to income ratio is 1.6, which is 46.7% lower than the Illinois average.

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      Pana transportation information

      Statistic Pana Illinois National
      Average one way commute25min29min26min
      Workers who drive to work86.2%73.4%76.4%
      Workers who carpool8.3%8.3%9.3%
      Workers who take public transit0.2%9.2%5.1%
      Workers who bicycle0.4%0.6%0.6%
      Workers who walk1.9%3.1%2.8%
      Working from home3.0%4.4%4.6%
      Source: The Pana, IL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).