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A Commuters Nightmare and don't get me started on the smell

I recently sold a home in Oakmont. It was a financial disaster. Oakmont has a reputation as a decent place to live... but... The commute into and out of Pittsburgh a whopping 7 miles away is a nightmare. Repairing the Hulton Bridge does nothing to fix that. It is by no means a convenient location to either get into or out of Pittsburgh (which is loaded with wonderful neighborhoods) or to the airport to escape once in awhile or to the towns across the river. In addition when you have a heavy rain, the smell of the raw sewage that dumps directly into the Allegheny River leaves quite an impression. The restaurants are over rated as are the bakeries. You have endless traffic. The newer homes do not hold their value. The old neighborhoods up the hill do offer a decent place to walk and the smell does not waft up there. The library is terrific as are the folks in the Post Office and the quaint one screen movie house is nice as well. I would if I had it to do all over again buy something directly in the city or over in Mount Lebanon... steer clear of Oakmont is my opinion.
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