North Port, FL

Population: 60,871

Key findings

  • North Port has a Livability Score of 87/100, which is considered exceptional
  • North Port crime rates are 45% lower than the Florida average
  • Cost of living in North Port is 1% lower than the Florida average
  • North Port real estate prices are 12% lower than the Florida average
  • Rental prices in North Port are 5% lower than the Florida average

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      Nice Bedroom Community

      There are not many places in this country where you can buy a 4 bedroom home (fairly new) on .25 acres for under $200K, AND still get quality. You would think it's because it's a lower-income area, but it's not. The area is growing....slowly, which IMHO is a good thing. There is very low crime, affordable homes, lots of open, clean spaces, and it is relatively close to everything (beaches, shopping, dining, etc.) It's coined a 'bedroom community' because it's where people come home to from outside areas where they work. With only 45 minutes to Sarasota, people will commute, but know that home is a tranquil respite. It has its down-sides, but in relation to other cities, it's all based on your particular likes. If you are single and like night-life, you would hate it. If you were ambulatory and need many types of medical facilities or therapeutic facilities, you would hate it. It has no WOW factor, but it's clean, safe and quiet. One thing that I noticed being a little strange is that almost everyone has a well, septic, and water softner. A lot of people are converting to city water. Those are just other things to have to take of, which may be a turn-off to perspective buyers. As well, some streets are not in the best condition and there are a lot of empty lots just buzzin' with insects. It'll take time, but the streets and lots will get cleaned/cleared up. In the meantime, enjoy the solitude - if that's your cup of tea.
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      What North Port has to offer

      North Port has been growing tremendously over the last 10 years since I have lived here. There is a Sarasota Memorial emergency room on Toledo Blade. There are medical offices, restaurants, schools, parks, shopping plazas, library, and more. There is a Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and the Cocoplum Villages Shops that keeps expanding. It is a very large shopping plaza and there are several other smaller plazas. There are fast food restaurants and several other restaurants that have been there a long time and new ones that keep coming in.

      There is a North Port Performing Arts Center, Skate Park, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, playgrounds, parks with tennis courts, and Library. At City Center there is a police station, fire station, post office, and activity center. There is also a flea market, grocery stores, Walgreens and CVS and a large Goodwill store.

      There are two exits to I-75, one on Sumter and one on Toledo Blade. It is convenient to drive to Port Charlotte for the mall, the Charlotte County Fairgrounds, the Charlotte baseball Sports Park, bars for nightlife and more. You can either go to Sarasota to the north or Ft Myers to the south for larger city type life, just a 30 to 45 minute drive.
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      It's nothing special but it's close to a lot.

      I have lived in North Port for almost my entire life and, while it has some pros, it is definitely not the city for me. North Port itself has no shopping mall or any major shopping at all. There is a brand-new strip mall with a Ross, Sports Authority and Hobby Lobby but that's the best shopping we have and, like I said, it's brand-new. There aren't really any good restaurants in North Port aside from an Applebees and a Panera Bread. You have to drive either 35 minutes to Sarasota or 35/45 minutes south to Punta Gorda/Fort Myers for any real restaurants, nightlife or shopping. North Port has a few sports bars and they are all on the same southern edge of town near the Port Charlotte / North Port line.

      The best thing about North Port is the proximity to the beach. There are beaches as close as 20 minutes and Siesta Key beach (which is rated one of the top beaches in the country) is only about 30 minutes away in Sarasota. It is easy to go boating, scuba diving, kayaking, etc down here so if you are in to outside/water sports this is a great place to be. I'm not really much of a beachgoer so I don't love it here.

      I was surprised to see the crime here rated a "C" because I've never seen any evidence of that. The worst thing down here is the drug problem, mostly prescription abuse, but that's everywhere. Violent crime is at a minimum and I've never once felt afraid in town. I've always felt very safe and protected. The North Port Police Department is actually known for their strict enforcement of the law and it's common to hear people say, "You've got to be careful in North Port. The police there are everywhere." which is a good thing if you're not up to trouble.

      The cost of living isn't ridiculous according to Florida standards but it is hard to live in North Port because of the lack of jobs. Like I said above, North Port seriously lacks industry. There wasn't even a hospital in North Port until a few years ago and even now it's not a hospital so much as it is an emergency room. You still have to go to Port Charlotte or Sarasota for a full hospital. My doctors are in Port Charlotte and I have to drive 30 minutes to work in Punta Gorda. Unless you work in retail or for the city it will be difficult to find work here. You will end up driving 30-45 minutes to work in Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda (to the south) or Venice or Sarasota (to the north). Sarasota is more expensive than North Port but it's easier to find work and there is much more shopping/nightlife/culture up there. I would recommend either looking into Fort Myers / Cape Coral in Lee County or Sarasota in Sarasota County. The Port Charlotte / North Port area needs to grow a lot before it really has anything to offer anyone.
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      Source: The North Port, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).