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why is it so hard to develop in New Bedford I have many questions, bout I doubt they will be answered, but its worth a shot. Why is it so hard to develop in New Bedford. I've been following development opportunities in this city for years now, since 2000! I've seen many projects come and go, why? Is it high taxes, high crime or is it that our city officials don't know what they are doing? Does anybody know if the good year site will ever be developed? If so why is it so hard to find information, and if not ...why? What happened to the planned Portuguese cultural center? What happened to the planned SMAST building down by the fort, wich was supposed to be built by 2013? Or how bout the unfinished riverside project where market basket is. Where is the office buildings...boat launch, and the riverwalk ? Why is it so hard to find information on this. Does anyone know if the planned project for a hotel and condominiums on the top floor is still a go for the bottom of Elm st. by rte 18, near the candleworks is still a go? I've asked several resources including city officials and the standard times....they either they don't know or haven't answered back.....why? How bout Hicks, Logan area, they've had plans for that areas for years..nothing has been done except for Wamsutta. And now they can't even save the historic icehouse! And speaking of that, where is W.H.A.L.E.....they are supposed to be saving these historic buildings. The last five years the city has been tearing down everything. Whale is know where to be found. What happened to the Washington square project. The icehouse ...the mansion on south's sixth that a sign Answer question
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