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Good Times In Montpelier, VT

Since Vermont is one of the least populated states in the USA, I didn't expect to find an urban metropolis full of high rises and skyscrapers on my first visit to Montpelier. However, I was lucky to enjoy some good restaurants, see some great attractions and to receive some great hospitality at my friend's house along College Street, between Vermont College and New England Culinary Institute. I basically stayed within walking distance from downtown Montpelier. Although I didn't have high expectations from Vermont's capital city with a population of less than 10,000 people, I enjoyed local history, food, entertainment, and culture. I walked along Main Street and State Street, which are the major streets the form downtown Montpelier. The entire area is only a few blocks, so there is no need for public transportation or driving. Full of quaint shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, theaters, and municipal buildings, the city reminded me of a typical good old fashioned American small town city. Downtown Montpelier is dominated by rather standard 2-3 story brick buildings with late 19th century and early 20th century architecture. However, The State House's Greek Revival architecture particularly caught my eye. I absorbed some local culture in Montpelier by enjoying a play at the Lost Nation Theater and catching a movie at the Capitol Theatre, which is an old fashioned movie palace. The dining options seemed endless, as there is something on every corner. I enjoyed good dinner at the J Morgan's Steakhouse, which is right across the movie theater. Being a history buff, I had to visit the Vermont History Museum which features artifacts and visual exhibitions.
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