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Best Places To Live In Vermont 2024

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Vermont: The Green Mountain State

Vermont’s population may be smaller than most, but the more than 630,000 people who live here wouldn’t trade the Green Mountain State for anywhere else. For some, it may be the lure of the wilderness or the desire to participate in a laid-back lifestyle. For others, it may mean a host of opportunities in one of the state’s several renowned colleges, like Middlebury and Norwich University. Whatever the draw, it’s clear that Vermont has the green space, economic, and academic opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. One of these places could be your perfect place to become a Vermonter.

Vermont is located on the eastern (Atlantic) coast of the U.S., and is bordered by Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Vermont’s capital is Montpelier, the least-populous state capital in the nation. Burlington, Vermont is the only city in the U.S. to be the most populous in a state but the least populous city in the country. Vermont is ranked second as the least populous state in the country, behind Wyoming. Vermont is the nation’s top maple syrup producer, and is consistently ranked as the safest state in the U.S.

Part of Vermont’s appeal is how lush it is: 80 percent of the state is undeveloped, according to Vermont’s commissioner of the Department of Tourism and Marketing. The state is famously billboard-free, one of only four states to outlaw these marketing signs. Lake Champlain, Vermont’s biggest lake, is a draw for both residents and tourists alike. The lake forms part of Vermont’s western border with New York. Vermont is famous for its colorful autumns, while winters are cold and late summer can be very hot.

Vermont is famous for a rural aesthetic, while Montpelier and Burlington have a slightly more urban vibe. The state is famous for its maple syrup, dairy farms, and artisan foods. Cabot Cheese, King Arthur Flour, and Ben & Jerry’s are all based here. “Leaf-peeping” in the fall is a major draw, and since the cost of living in Vermont is lower than most other New England states, be prepared to truly embrace the experience. Because Vermont is so small, it’s easy to reach the state’s many state parks and small country towns in an hour or less. It’s this position as a nature-filled state that really makes Vermont so appealing. Many of Vermont’s smallest villages also provide big opportunities to try a local microbrewery, or try gourmet cheese at one of the state’s many dairy farms.

Because there are so many quaint places and vibrant cities to choose from, it definitely isn’t easy to find the best places to live in Vermont. We’ll help you out with this list of our picks for the best places to live in Vermont. To customize your list of the best places in Vermont, specify your ideal city size, search radius and what metrics (like crime, education or housing) matter most to you.