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A Charming Location

I moved to Millcreek, UT from Charlotte, NC about five years ago as part of a job offer. This city is nothing like the hustle and bustle of the big city that I left. It's something that I enjoy being in, and there are more things that I have left to discover even after being here for half of a decade. When I moved to Millcreek, I wanted to find a beautiful house in the country, and that's exactly what I found. The city is rich in history, and there is a lovely historical district with large houses. The price for the homes for sale is rather expensive, but you are getting something that is of high quality as many of them were built in the early 1900s. My home has a wraparound front porch with delicate details that give a great deal of charm. There are several schools in the area. It seems like most of them are elementary of middle schools as I tend to see younger children in town more than teenagers. The people are friendly, and I enjoy being able to walk on the sidewalk in town while waving at people passing. Liberty Park is one of my favorite places to visit. There is a zoo there, but the best thing to do is walk along the trails. I can walk or bike along the trails, but while there, I can become one with nature. Another place I like to visit is the Salt Lake City Public Library. It might sound odd, but I enjoy going to the library to read through the day because of the massive windows that allow me to look out on the city. It has the latest technology and all of the top books that I enjoy reading.
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