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Best Places To Live In Little Rock, AR

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Little Rock, AR: Affordable Living

Little Rock is the capital and most populous city in the state of Arkansas. It also serves as the county seat of Pulaski County. The city is located on the bank of the Arkansas River, and a rock formation along the river is where the city derives it's name from. Little Rock has a population of about 200,000. However, if you count the extending metropolitan area, the population is over 700,000. This puts it in 75th place on the ranking of biggest metropolitan areas in the United States.

Little Rock is below the United States average for cost of living in almost all areas. It costs less on average to rent a place to live in this city than it does in the more populated cities of the United States, like Los Angeles or New York City. It also boasts lower prices on average for things like groceries, healthcare prices, transportation, and several other things. People enjoy the low costs here because it allows them a relatively high standard of living.

The hospital, Windstream Communications, Dillard's Department Store, and Simmons Bank are some of the largest employers in the area. Little Rock and the surrounding area is also home to the headquarters of many non-profit organizations that provide jobs to local people. Among these are the Clinton Foundation, Heifer International, and FamilyLife.

Some of the popular landmarks in Little Rock are Pinnacle Mountain State Park, the Clinton Presidential Center, the Little Rock Zoo, and amusement parks like Magic Springs and Crystal Falls. People in Little Rock use Rock Region Metro as their main means of public transportation. This is a system of buses and streetcars that have stops throughout major parts of the city and surrounding areas.

The climate in Little Rock is generally seen as very pleasant. They have incredibly mild winters with highs averaging in the low 50's. Summers get warm, with highs hitting the low 90's. People enjoy that they rarely have to deal with snow in the colder months and that they have plenty of warm months to go enjoy the outdoors.

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