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Lincoln - The Memorial Stadium Experience

I have traveled to Lincoln several times, most recently for the Nebraska football team's 2010 spring game. It was my first time to be in Memorial Stadium. The stadium is located in the downtown Lincoln area, near the university campus and the downtown area known as Historic Haymarket. This area is both charming and modern, with many shops, attractions, restaurants, and museums. Attending a game in Memorial Stadium is a highly memorable experience! The stadium has recently been renovated to hold 85,000 people. Walking in, I almost lost my breath at how vast it seemed. Seeing, and hearing the roar of, 78,000 people even at a spring game is powerful and awesome. It's like a sea of red! If you will be in Lincoln during the fall when there is a game, I recommend attending, just to soak in the game atmosphere. Exploring the Haymarket area in Lincoln is also a fun time in itself. The only drawback is dealing with the crowds of people and traffic-jammed streets around the stadium, but patrol officers keep the flow of people and cars as orderly as possible. Overall Lincoln is a great place to visit and in my opinion would be a great place to live as well.
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