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Best Places To Live In Nebraska 2024

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Nebraska: Cornhusker State

Nebraska is a state in America that is located between the Great Plains and the Midwestern section of the United States. The state is surrounded by South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Nebraska is just shy of 77,220 square miles and has around 1.9 million people living in the state. The capital of the state is Lincoln, while Omaha is the largest city in the state. The residents of Nebraska have generally been known to be welcoming and friendly to newcomers that have just moved into the state.

Agriculture is the main way that residents make their income in Nebraska. Cattle is a big source of income as well as hogs, soybeans, corn, and different types of grass. Natural gas and oil are also some of the largest exports of Nebraska.

There are many reasons that people decide to relocate to Nebraska. Many love the fact that Nebraska has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Nebraska is home to five Fortune 500 companies that provide good jobs for the citizens of Nebraska. Nebraska is also one of the top ten most affordable states to live in within the country, and if that wasn't appealing enough, healthcare is more affordable than most states. If you are concerned about the environment that your kids are growing up in, then the fact that Nebraska is the 6th best state to raise your kids in should also be appealing. Some residents of Nebraska have even admitted to falling in love with the beauty that it has to offer. There are numerous prairies that are unlike anything else the country has to offer.

The median value of a home in Nebraska is lower than the country's average value of a home. It is clear that homeowners in Nebraska are definitely getting more bang for their buck. There are also a lot of landmarks that Nebraska is known for. The Agate Fossil Beds and Chimney Rock are two of the most beautiful sites of nature that our country has to offer. There is an abundance of pioneer museums that offer a peek into the rich history of the state. Along with the museums, there are a large number of art galleries that residents can visit if they are into different types of art.

Nebraska experiences all four seasons throughout the year. The winter and summer are very different from each other. The summers are very hot, while the winters are extremely cold. Even though the weather changes so rapidly, those that live in Nebraska appreciate getting to experience every season. There are thunderstorms and tornadoes that occur in the seasons of spring and summer. Sometimes autumn also has thunderstorms and tornadoes occur.

With such a wide variety of places to make your home in the state of Nebraska, finding the best places to live in Nebraska could be overwhelming. In order to get a better idea of what would be an ideal spot for you, you can narrow your search based on specifics such as population, home/rent cost, education, and cost of living in the area. Once you do, finding the best places to live in Nebraska will be a breeze.