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Haunted apartments in and there 0.5 rating By Anonymous ( Feb 07, 2023) I never knew what it was like living in an haunted apartment until I moved to Lincoln NE.
I spent 11 years in another state after leaving the Caribbean and moved 5 times to different cities, I never experienced haunted apartments. My first apartment experience in Lincoln NE was a
...Read More n haunted apartment. My lease was over in six months so I moved to another one and it was also haunted and unfortunately it was a one year lease. So I spent 12 months of my life dealing with satanic house. When the lease was finally over we moved to Omaha NE where we finally spent two years and half in peace without dealing with haunted apartment. Unfortunately my husband had to study a field that only a University in Lincoln NE offered so we moved back again to Lincoln NE and this time we rented an apartment in the South , thinking that it would have no haunted apartment since the other haunted apartments we rented in Lincoln NE previously were in the North part. Our thoughts were absolutely wrong, this apartment in the South was even more haunted than the ones that we had in the North. So we realized that it wasn't a question of North or South, it was the whole city or the majority of their apartments and houses that were haunted. Read Less
Escapee from CA 4 rating By Anonymous ( Feb 08, 2021) I retired at age 45 in CA where I was born but escaped to Lincoln 8 yrs ago where the cost of living is half to 1 third that of northern California. Half the crime, noise and pollution too. Great place to raise kids. Grandkids are growing like corn. ...Read More Read Less
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Here for school and work 1.5 rating By Anonymous ( Sep 04, 2019) Coming here to Lincoln has been the worst decision of my life. There are very few options on things to do and there is no night life besides a few small bars filled with college students. People here lose their minds over college football and during game season, that is all there ...Read More is to do. The taxes are high and the roads are full of potholes. It's a small town feel but with a few more people. Read Less
Born and raised here but would love to move 2 rating By Anonymous ( Sep 03, 2019) I'm shocked to see the ratings on Lincoln. It should score lower. I can tell you just in 2019 we have had 5 homicides/ murders. Rapes happen but obviously not reported, it happen to my cousin years ago and she didn't report it. It's a very conservative town with a lot of drinking ...Read More and alot of homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks downtown. Drugs are a big issue here as well. Plating your vehicle here makes you feel like you need to take another loan out on a newer vehicle, wheel tax is $75 on all years of vehicles and then go up a lot depending on the make and year of car. I bought a 2019 Kia Soul and paid almost $2,000.00 to get plates on it. Property taxes here are higher then it says and is only going to go up since we need more schools. There are 25 or more kids per teacher. 85% of our property tax goes to our public schools. There is no big attractions here to get any other revenue. Honestly just don't feel safe or like it here anymore. Read Less
Lincoln: The Big Little Town 4 rating By Anonymous ( Dec 19, 2011) I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska as a kid and moved away once I headed off to college. Now that I'm gone, I've realized what a great little town Lincoln is, and how very unique it is in many ways. The town is a fairly small, Midwestern town, but not so small that it ever becomes du ...Read More ll or boring. There's a very vibrant artist community that is well supported by the town as a whole. So throughout downtown Lincoln, there are a number of independent theater groups, small art galleries, and free community events surrounding the arts. It makes having a lot of fun cost very little money.

Lincoln is a college town and a lot is centered around the Nebraska Huskers, the college football team. This can get a little crazy on game day, with the crowds and the impossibility of finding a parking spot. But it is hard not to get caught up in the team spirit. There are quite a few incredibly delicious local restaurants, some of which create unique menus from the produce they buy at the Lincoln Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. There is not a huge amount of clothes shopping options in Lincoln, but that does help it keep that small town feel. One awesome feature of the town is the network of bike paths that cover the entire city, making eco-friendly commuting much easier. Lincoln is the perfect town to raise a family, be a college student, or just visit for some small town fun. Read Less
Lincoln - The Memorial Stadium Experience 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 03, 2010) I have traveled to Lincoln several times, most recently for the Nebraska football team's 2010 spring game. It was my first time to be in Memorial Stadium. The stadium is located in the downtown Lincoln area, near the university campus and the downtown area known as Historic Hayma ...Read More rket. This area is both charming and modern, with many shops, attractions, restaurants, and museums.

Attending a game in Memorial Stadium is a highly memorable experience! The stadium has recently been renovated to hold 85,000 people. Walking in, I almost lost my breath at how vast it seemed. Seeing, and hearing the roar of, 78,000 people even at a spring game is powerful and awesome. It's like a sea of red! If you will be in Lincoln during the fall when there is a game, I recommend attending, just to soak in the game atmosphere.

Exploring the Haymarket area in Lincoln is also a fun time in itself. The only drawback is dealing with the crowds of people and traffic-jammed streets around the stadium, but patrol officers keep the flow of people and cars as orderly as possible. Overall Lincoln is a great place to visit and in my opinion would be a great place to live as well. Read Less

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Lincoln, NE

Nebraska truly symbolizes the nation's breadbasket. Wheat fields, corn fields, and hogs provide our country with much of its food. West of Omaha is the capital city of Lincoln, and although it's not a great and sprawling metropolis, it has an inviting, upscale atmosphere. Spreading out from the downtown core and the state capital grounds is a wonderful mix of residential neighborhoods, parks, and historical landmarks.

When you visit this city, you'll find yourself more than welcome by the locals. There's a family feel wherever you go, and you immediately feel you are part of that family. The economy is quite varied for a city of this size — approximately 125,000 inhabitants in the greater Lincoln area and growing — but it's not centered primarily around agriculture. A recent boom in the high-tech industrial sector is quite evident. Startup companies in the areas of programming, health care management, and other important industries have led to much of the city's growth over the past decade.

The weather here is warm and slightly humid during the summer months, but in the winter the temperature drops significantly. December and January are cold and dry. There's also the risk of tornadoes in the spring. Snowfall is rather light in the winter, and most of the summer rainfall is in the form of squalls and quickly dissipating cloudbursts.

If you're contemplating a move to Lincoln, you'll be pleased to learn that the average single-family home cost is well below the national average. Apartment rentals are also affordable, much less expensive than in Omaha. The school system is well-managed, and the city is home to the University of Nebraska.

Lincoln is very family-friendly, and there are plenty of attractions for you and your kids. These include the Lincoln Children's Zoo, the National Museum of Roller Skating, and the unrivaled Sunken Gardens. The restaurants in town serve up traditional Mid-American favorites, oversized cheeseburgers, and European delicacies. What you probably don't know is that Lincoln has a large Asian population, particularly Vietnamese, and you'll soon discover the delights of Vietnamese cooking at the numerous cafes and sit-down restaurants in the downtown area. When you travel by car to the central business district, you'll find plenty of covered parking. The downtown core is laid out in a grid pattern of streets, and bike trails connect the central business district with the outlying subdivisions.

The city continues to expand in all directions, and most of the new housing construction and apartment complexes are located about five miles from the city center. Don't worry about getting about, however. There are plenty of arterials, and most neighborhoods are less than two miles from the freeway. Whatever part of the city you choose to call home, you'll find friendly neighbors, happy children, lots of nearby shops and salons, and an overall feeling of peace and content.


Memorial Park
Normal Park
Fleming Fields
Woodside Park
40th and Highway 2 Park


Lied Center for Performing Arts
The Haymarket Theatre
Lincoln Community Playhouse
Church Amphitheatre
Woods Auditorium

Food & Drink

Bison Witches Bar & Deli
Buffalo Wild Wings
Toppers Pizza
Carmela's Bistro & Wine Bar
The Oven
Drive to Work

5% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

equal to the US average


Lincoln Magnetic Scanning Services
Lincoln Surgery Hospital
Ambassador Lincoln Center
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
UNMC Pathology Services


Walmart Pharmacy
Walmart Pharmacy
Hy-Vee Pharmacy
Walmart Pharmacy


Linc Care South
Saint Elizabeth Wound Care Center
Consultative Nephrology Peritoneal Dialysis Center
Osteoporosis Center of Nebraska
Lincoln Orthopaedic Center

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