Top 10 Safest Cities In the USA 2018

When searching for a new place to live, crime statistics are often an important factor in your decision. Even the safest of cities will still have some crime, but you shouldn't feel that you need a personal security detail to pick up some milk from the grocery store. If you long to live where you can leave your backdoor unlocked and let your children roam free in the evenings, one of these areas just might be the city of your dreams. Here are the top 10 safest cities (with a population of 100,000 or more) in the USA for 2018.

1. Tyler, TX (560 crimes per 100,000 people)
Tyler, TX photo

Tyler is a growing Texas city just 100 miles outside of Dallas. Named for President John Tyler, this city is known for its beautiful roses and can claim the largest rose garden in the United States. Fortunately, this blossoming city does not have many thorns, especially when it comes to crime. Tyler’s crime rate is 80% lower than the national level, and this rate continues to decrease each year. Good schools, a low cost of living and plentiful amenities offer even more incentives for new residents.

2. Cary, NC (1,096 crimes per 100,000 people)
Cary, NC photo

Once known by the anything but ordinary name of Bradford’s Ordinary, the city of Cary, North Carolina, has seen a recent spike in its population. However, crime is not one of the growing pains that the residents of Cary have had to endure. Last year, the city had only one murder, well below both the state and national rate. Property crime is also relatively low in this city; per 100,000 people, only 1,000 residents were victims of a crime, a rate nearly three times lower than the state's average rate.

3. Naperville, IL (1,134 crimes per 100,000 people)
Naperville, IL photo

As a suburb of Chicago, Naperville residents experience the best Illinois has to offer without the drawbacks of high crime. Violent crimes are unusual in Naperville; there were no murders in 2016, and robberies and assaults occurred at much lower rates than in other parts of the state. Property crime is also low; the citizens of this city are too busy with Naperville’s excellent schools and good job opportunities to get caught up in petty theft and burglaries.

4. Allen, TX (1,211 crimes per 100,000 people)
Allen, TX photo

In 1878, Allen, Texas, earned the dubious distinction of being the site of the first train robbery in the state. After such an embarrassing entry in the history books, Allen has worked hard to shed the stain of its unwanted honor. Today, Allen has joined Tyler as another safe haven from crime within the state of Texas. The city boasts some impressive crime numbers; the city's assault rate is refreshingly low, and last year, the city's homicide detectives found little to do without a single case to solve. As a suburb of Dallas, Allen offers a safe place to raise a family while still having access to the features of city living.

5. Sterling Heights, MI (1,324 crimes per 100,000 people)
Sterling Heights, MI photo

The city of Sterling Heights, Michigan, began its humble history as a place for growing rhubarb and other crops for the nearby city of Detroit. Today, Detroit is plagued by high crime and a poor economic outlook, but Sterling Heights has escaped its neighbor's bleak reality with a growing population and a low unemployment rate. Sterling Heights is one of the safest areas of Michigan, with only the rare murder. Property crime rates are also well below the national and state averages.

6. Simi Valley, CA (1,367 crimes per 100,000 people)
Simi Valley, CA photo

Surrounded by picturesque mountains and hills, Simi Valley, California, offers a quiet and safe haven for the many residents who commute to nearby Los Angeles. Despite strong earnings by the residents of this city, property crime is not a major issue; these types of crimes occur at a rate less than half of rest of the state. Residents will find that their cars are particularly safe in this city; per 100,000 people, only 82 vehicles were reported stolen, compared to the whopping 450 per 100,000 stolen in the rest of the state

7. Gilbert, AZ (1,394 crimes per 100,000 people)
Gilbert, AZ photo

Gilbert, Arizona, remains a popular place for families young and old. For the retirees, many head to Gilbert for its endless sunshine and mild winters. At the other end of the age spectrum, young families come to Gilbert to find a safe place to raise their children. Assault and murder are rare occurrences in this peaceful city; per 100,000 people, recent reports indicate only 1.2 murders and 47.3 assaults, well below the numbers seen in other Arizona cities. Compared to national numbers, Gilbert has a crime rate 50% below the rest of the country.

8. Thousand Oaks, CA (1,425 crimes per 100,000 people)
Thousand Oaks, CA photo

Named after the oak trees that dot the area, Thousand Oaks, California, is another Los Angeles suburb that offers peace and quiet to commuters. Low crime rates are just another benefit of living in this city. Murder and other violent crimes are a rarity, empowering residents to feel safe enough to wander through the city's oaks at night. Thefts and other property crimes aren’t quite as rare, but these crimes happen at a far lower rate than in other California cities.

9. McKinney, TX (1,458 crimes per 100,000 people)
McKinney, TX photo

McKinney, Texas, is a growing city with plenty to offer for people looking for a quiet and safe place to live. The city is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, but McKinney maintains a small city atmosphere with safe and inviting parks for children and adults alike to enjoy. Although violent crime is higher in this city than in others on this list, these crimes still occur at lower rates than in the rest of Texas. City leaders must be doing something right since the overall crime rate has dropped by 19% year over year.

10. Irvine, CA (1,458 crimes per 100,000 people)
Irvine, CA photo

The city of Irvine, California, is a master-planned community that was developed in the 1960s. Although the planners probably couldn’t anticipate the crime rates of today, the city has managed to maintain low crime statistics compared to other areas of California. According to recent records, only 57 out of 100,000 residents were victims of a violent crime in Irvine. California’s rate, on the other hand, was 445 victims per 100,000 people. From 2015 to 2016, crime rates in Irvine have dropped by 6%.

All crime data was compiled from the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Reporting Program, which at the time of writing the article, was the most recent release.

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