Top 10 Famous Homes by Livability Score


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a famous home? From the renowned entrepreneur to the distinguished politician, each of these residences embodies the spirit of these timeless figures. We have chosen ten iconic mansions from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts and assessed the location of these homes according to livability score. The homes are evaluated using a unique combination of elements, including local amenities, crime rates, cost of living, education, employment, housing and weather. The livability score is calculated out of 100 and provides useful information when trying to find a great place to live.

1. Wrigley MansionScore: 86/100
Wrigley Mansion Photo © gem66 - flickr
Location: 2501 East Telawa Trail, Phoenix, AZ

In an area with the blazing sun shining upon its residents, it is hard not to feel dissatisfied with the quality of living. There are multiple reasons the Wrigley Mansion tops our list. With the accessibility of grocery stores and restaurants, it is easy to be entertained by the variety of options offered. Plus, the cost of living is lower compared to major metropolitan cities. No wonder why William Wrigley chose Phoenix to construct this remarkable building. With eternal sunshine and a multitude of entertainment options, the Wrigley Mansion would be an incredible place to call home!

2. The Spelling ManorScore: 83/100
Location: 594 South Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Aaron Spelling chose to construct his mansion in a city known for its media and entertainment industries. The chateau-style building is conveniently located amidst the fame of celebrities and the buzz of Hollywood. In a lively and vibrant city such as Los Angeles, nightlife and entertainment can be found everywhere. With an average summer temperature of 68 degrees and an average winter temperature of 57 degrees, the climate is one of the major benefits of the area. However, high quality of living always comes with high costs, and those planning a budget may find it difficult to afford Los Angeles. The median housing value is at a lofty $920,239 while the median rental rate is $1,933. We can see why Los Angeles really is for the rich and the famous.

3. Gracie MansionScore: 81/100
Gracie Mansion Photo © DG Jones - flickr
Location: 88 East End Ave, New York, NY

The Mayor of New York officially lives on the Upper East Side overlooking the East River. With the scenic views and a claim to one of the most prominent zip codes, it is no wonder why Gracie Mansion is in the perfect location. With over 20 grocery stores, restaurants, schools, libraries and fitness centers within one mile, this is really an area that never sleeps. The median household income is $105,504, which definitely suits the lifestyle of upper class individuals. With a median housing value of 133% higher than New York, a rental rate of 46% higher than New York, and a Cost of Living Index of 339, it seems like only the affluent will be able to afford this neighborhood. Although prices are high, anyone who is motivated will be able to work their ways into the inner circles of the elite. With a high school graduation rate of 96% and unemployment rate of only 3.2%, the majority of residents are career focused and gainfully employed.

4. The Playboy MansionScore: 80/100
Location: 10236 Charing Cross Rd, Los Angeles, CA

Perhaps one of the most well known mansions is that of Playboy magazine founder, Hugh Hefner. Located in Westwood, Los Angeles, the residence is surrounded by a wealth of amenities. Whether it is shopping malls, coffee shops or public parks, no one will be bored with living in such a respected area. With sunny skies and 68-degree summers, the area is recognized for its perfect temperature. Nevertheless, the air quality leaves much to be desired, as smog and pollution may be overwhelming at times. Compared to the rest of Los Angeles, the crime rate is 60% lower, which is excellent for those who are looking for a safe area to live.

5. Bill Gates' HouseScore: 79/100
Bill Gates' House Photo © jeffwilcox - flickr
Location: 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA

One of the most respected entrepreneurs in our era, Bill Gates, resides in his home state of Washington, overlooking Lake Washington. In a quaint and isolated part of town, the mansion is the epitome of serenity. However, peacefulness may sometimes come with too much seclusion, as the area is not for those who wish for a lively atmosphere. Anyone looking for food and drink will have to travel over one mile. With an average household income of $168,533 and median housing value of $1,562,000, the area is filled with successful, self-motivated individuals. With crime rates that are 71% lower than Washington and a high school graduation rate of 99%, this is the perfect neighborhood for families, both large and small.

6. VersaillesScore: 79/100
Versailles Photo
Location: 6121 Kirkstone Ln, Windermere, FL

The name "Versailles" evokes feelings of French aristocracy, and needless to say, magnates David and Jackie Siegel represent class and high fortune. Windermere, Florida is extremely livable, as most people are attracted to the nice temperatures and air quality index. It is also located in one of the safest areas in the state. The crime rate is 91% lower than Florida as whole. Those who seek the convenience of amenities, however, may be at a disadvantage. You will have to travel a few miles before reaching the nearest shopping center. One should note, this house is only about half finished, so living here would be a challenge.

7. The White HouseScore: 74/100
The White House Photo © dcJohn - flickr
Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC

Being the President of the United States is certainly a stressful job, but at least he has the privilege of living and working in the White House. Located in the center of Washington D.C., an abundance of restaurants and entertainment options area available. Downsides to living in the city include the high crime rates and high housing prices. The median rental rate in the District of Columbia is $1,772 while the cost of living index is 48% higher than the national average.

8. GracelandScore: 73/100
Graceland Photo © Pictophile - flickr
Location: 3734 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN

The King of Rock and Roll spent his days in Memphis, Tennessee before he rose to fame. Thousands of music fans tour the Presley mansion every year, as Memphis is known for its friendly and hospitable environment. Housing and other commodities are actually affordable; the median housing value in the area is $103,942 while the median rental rates area also very affordable. The moderate average temperatures are attractive as well. Nevertheless, safety could be an issue because average crimes in the district are 21% higher than in neighboring communities.

9. Biltmore EstateScore: 67/100
Biltmore Estate Photo © winfred - flickr
Location: 1 Approach Rd, Asheville, NC

As the true embodiment of America's Gilded Age, any history buff should be impressed with the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. Asheville is a city that is quite livable due to its affordable housing rates and low costs of living. Residents have a short commute time of only 20 minutes, and most people can easily find jobs in the area. However, people who value safety may choose to look elsewhere, since the crime rates in Asheville are 55% higher than the national average.

10. Edgar Allan Poe HouseScore: 66/100
Edgar Allan Poe House Photo © Mitch LeClair - flickr
Location: 203 North Amity St, Baltimore, MD

The life and works of Edgar Allan Poe remain a mystery, and his house is truly reflective of his enigmatic ways. Baltimore is an exciting city filled with shopping malls and convenience stores. Many may also find the average summer temperature of 78 degrees to be ideal. Notwithstanding the excellent weather and amenities, crime and education are two factors in which the city falters. The crime rate is 8,657 per 100,000 residents, and the average high school graduation rate is 53%.

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