Top 10 Best Cities To Rent An Apartment - 2014


When it comes to apartment renting, there are a few cities that stand out above the rest and AreaVibes has gathered them into one list. "The Top 10 Best Cities to Rent" list provides apartment hunters with the 10 best cities to rent an apartment across the United States. These destinations were ranked based on a number of factors that include: local amenities, overall cost of living and crime rates. Assessments also include the average monthly rental rates for apartments. All of the cities considered for ranking have a population of at least 200,000.

1. Plano, TX
Plano, TX Photo © 49980618@N08 - flickr

CNN Money, Forbes and AreaVibes all believe that the Dallas suburb of Plano remains an ideal rental destination for singles or families. Within the community, apartment renters will find a host of amenities that include a variety of city parks that feature mature trees, green spaces and numerous trails. The Bob Woodruff Park and the Nature Preserve combined span an area larger than New York City's Central Park. Historic sites include the Heritage Farmstead Museum and the Plano Station/Texas Electric Railway. Being close to Dallas affords apartment residents all the opportunities provided by the big city. With more than two dozen well-known corporations claiming Plano as home, employment options remain higher than many other U.S. locations. Thanks to a well-trained and educated law enforcement agency, Plano remains one of the safest cities in the country. In fact, the Plano crime rate is 28% lower than the Texas average. Search now for Plano apartments for rent.

2. Boise, ID
Boise, ID Photo © vivektulsidas - flickr

As the capitol city of the state, Boise offers renters a wide range of appealing local amenities that include options for enjoying the arts through cultural centers, museums and theater in addition to various festivals. The 25-mile long Boise Greenbelt extends beside the Boise River and connects with more than 800 acres of nature filled landscape that includes parks running through the heart of the community. The location provides the perfect environment and allows renters to take advantage of cycling, jogging or walking. Shopping options are abound and public transit stations venture to virtually every part of the city. Apartment renters interested in furthering their education may choose to attend either Boise State University or Idaho State University. Boise is also considered a very safe city, as their crime rates come in almost 14% less than the national average. Apartments for rent in Boise cost on average $743 monthly. Search now for Boise apartments for rent.

3. Irving, TX
Irving, TX Photo © 27379829@N04 - flickr

The community of Irving offers apartment renters a huge amount of green space. A total of 43 parks encompassing over 2,000 acres, including the Native Plant Gardens can be found in and around the Irving area. Popular outdoor spaces include a portion of the Texas Greenbelt Trinity River Trail, which features miles of a landscaped and a paved pathway available for jogging, cycling and walking. Strategically placed mechanical stations along the way provide a full-body workout. In the city, residents of apartments have the choice of playing golf on a professional course or visiting local cultural/heritage centers or museums. Cost of living is affordable in Irving, as it is 7% less than the national average and rent runs around $847 per month for an apartment. Apartment renters will also be pleased to know that the Irving is also a very safe city. The number of violent crimes in Irving, TX was 43% less than the Texas average and 40% less than the national average. Search now for Irving apartments for rent.

4. Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ Photo © billmorrow - flickr

Rich in culture and surrounded by five scenic mountain ranges, Tucson offers apartment renters just about any amenity imaginable. Renters regularly enjoy everything from cultural centers and museums to live performance theaters and eight state parks, all within close proximity of the city center. The many attractions that Tucson offers appeal to renters of all ages. Visit the zoo during the warmer months or ski in the mountains during the winter. When needing an adrenaline rush, cave exploration or white-water rafting also offer a thrill. Relaxing pastimes might include a tranquil stroll through the botanical gardens. Tucson also offers renters a very safe place to live as crime rates in Tucson come in at 35% less than the national average. Tucson is also very affordable for renters as the cost of living is 12% less than the Arizona average and 10% less than the national average. Apartment rentals average around $690 monthly. Search now for Tucson apartments for rent.

5. Tampa, FL
Tampa, FL Photo © ant1_g - flickr

The employment rate in the sunny community of Tampa continues growing steadily, which is a good sign for residents and renters alike. Numerous dining and shopping options combine with a host of attractions that include Busch Gardens, the Florida Aquarium and the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. Culture and history enthusiasts find a variety of indoor and outdoor museums and historical sites to explore. Having a baseball, football and hockey team, allows renters to enjoy professional events throughout the year. Shopping choices abound and the city has 20 public transportation stations throughout the location. The array of amenities please rental residents of all ages. Rent averages around $874 a month and the cost of living for renters is 8% less than the national average. Search now for Tampa apartments for rent.

6. Charlotte, NC

Despite continual growth, Charlotte remains an area known for true southern charm and a great place for renters to call home. In addition to the abundance of usual eateries and shopping centers, the city offers renters the chance to explore art galleries, museums and parks. Take the family to an amusement park or go to the zoo. Enjoy recreational sports or attend a professional sporting event. Charlotte's nature parks and reserves encompass more than 6,500 acres and have more than 30 miles of trails available whether desiring a daily job or a weekend camping trip. Expect rent to be around $823 every month with an overall cost of living that is 10% less than the national average. Search now for Charlotte apartments for rent.

7. Paradise, NV
Paradise, NV Photo © dramofwhisky - flickr

McCarran International Airport and the majority of the Las Vegas Strip lie in this community, along with a variety of entertaining locations for apartment hunters that include the National Atomic Testing Museum, the Elvis-A-Rama Museum and the Orleans Arena. Away from the glitz and glamour, the area landscape features everything from spectacular canyons to challenging rock formations, which continually attract outdoor lovers. Paradise has a well-planned public transportation system with 20 stations strategically located around the area and did we mention that the heart of Las Vegas is just mintues away! The lack of state income tax in Paradise is particularly attractive to local residents and renters. Search now for Paradise apartments for rent.

8. San Diego, CA

With regards to average rental rates, San Diego comes in at the most expensive on our list at $1,259. But with approximately 70 miles of coastline, San Diego provides plenty of opportunity for fun in the sun for apartment renters who will easily forget about their rental costs. Be it playing on the sandy beaches, climbing rocky cliffs or exploring the reefs and tidal pools along the shoreline. Renters can also enjoy a vast list of big city amenities that offer a bit of culture, history or entertainment. Family destinations range from LEGOLAND to SeaWorld. Employment and housing options are continually on the rise. At 19% less than the national average, the crime rate in San Diego remains much lower compared to similarly sized communities across the country. Search now for San Diego apartments for rent.

9. Madison, WI
Madison, WI Photo © ifmuth - flickr

Known as the "City of Four Lakes," Madison offers renters a variety of water-based activities, along with other outdoor recreation opportunities year round. Art galleries, museums and theaters accompany breweries, gardens and parks among the long list of amenities. Whether using a bike for daily commuting, exercise or recreation, cycling fans find a complex infrastructure especially designed for bikes. Though a large city and the the capital of the state, Madison has small town charm. New residents find that rent averages around $847 monthly. Search now for Madison apartments for rent.

10. Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs, CO Photo © 56514483@N05 - flickr

The perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts all year round, Colorado Springs offers 9,000 acres of parks, 5,000 acres of open spaces and 500 acres of trails around the city established within close proximity to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Hiking, horseback riding and rock climbing are but a few of the many outdoor recreational sports for renters to enjoy during the summer. Historic Manitou Springs, Pike's Peak and Seven Falls belong to the renowned natural wonders found here. Renters will find apartments for around $781 a month and the overall cost of living in Colorado Springs to be very affordable at 10% less than the national average. In addition to attracting new residents, the beauty and array of activities available in this city continue bringing visitors. Search now for Colorado Springs apartments for rent.

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