Safest, Most Affordable Rental Neighbourhoods In Calgary

Calgary is Canada’s third largest municipality and is a fantastic city that has consistently been ranked one of the top 10 best cities in the world to live in. With a diverse population of over one million people, a booming economy and thriving arts and cultural scene, Calgary has a wide array of entertainment options to choose from. The natural landscape makes for an absolutely beautiful city, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, ample green space and numerous lakes. Nicknamed ‘Cowtown’, the city is famous for its western culture and hosts the Calgary Stampede, a world famous annual rodeo and agricultural event.

Apartments for rent in Calgary can be tricky to find so we scoured ‘The Heart of the West’ to find 10 of the most affordable, yet safest Calgary neighbourhoods. The rankings were based on the neighbourhoods that had the lowest combination of crime and average one bedroom rental rates, while also offering all the amenities that a renter would expect.

Springbank Hill
Population: 11,263
Crimes per 100,000 people: 1,891
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,200

Springbank Hill is a diverse suburb located in southwest Calgary and is a fantastic choice for families seeking apartment rentals. The community has an aquatic and recreation center, Olympic Park and many libraries. There are several public schools and multiple transportation options with three bus routes and an LRT station serving the neighbourhood. Commuting to downtown, just 15 km away, takes around 20 minutes via the Bow Trail and 17th Ave SW.   Springbank Hill apartments offer the convenience of accessible shopping, restaurants and movie theaters just minutes away from your doorstep and the gorgeous mountain scenery lends a country feel to this self-contained community.

Population: 17,334
Crimes per 100,000 people: 3,609
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,100

Edgemont is located in northwest Calgary and a scenic community situated on rolling, lush hills and bordering the massive Nose Hill Park. The view from Edgemont is quite stunning, to one side is the Calgary city skyline and to the other, the Rocky Mountains. Apartments for rent in Edgemont offer so many family and youth activities ranging from Mom and Baby yoga, art classes, soccer, football, basketball and has a large outdoor skating and hockey rink.  There are four bus lines that run through the neighbourhood, however, without having a vehicle, it can be difficult to run errands. The downtown core can be quickly reached via the Shaganappi Trail NW and is just 15km away. For families looking to rent apartments in a residential suburb that has nearby shopping, numerous restaurants, and pubs, Edgemont is an attractive option.

Population: 21,269
Crimes per 100,000 people: 3,580
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,150

A residential neighbourhood located on the northwestern edge of Calgary, Tuscany has great public transportation options with four bus routes and five nearby LRT stations. The downtown core is just 20km away and an easy commute via the Crowchild Trail. The neighbourhood hosts no shortage of activities as it is bordered by ravines and walking trails in addition to the Tuscany Club, a recreation center that has a gymnasium, a skateboard park, tennis courts and an ice rink. Most Tuscany apartments are located near plenty of shopping, grocery stores and restaurant choices making the neighbourhood self-contained. There is an active community association, an annual Harvest Festival and a monthly newsletter called the Tuscany Sun. Overall, it is a fabulous choice for those with families seeking apartment rentals.

Population: 23,268
Crimes per 100,000 people: 4,118
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,100

A quiet residential neighbourhood located in southwest Calgary, Evergreen borders Fish Creek Provincial Park and offers many recreational activities perfect for those seeking apartment rentals that enjoy hiking, walking trails and a close-knit community atmosphere. Close access to the MacLeod Trail offers quick commute times to the downtown core located just 15 km away. Most  Evergreen apartment rentals are located close to many public transportation stops, with seven bus routes and five nearby LRT stations servicing the neighbourhood.  Numerous public schools and libraries make it a wonderful choice for families seeking apartments. Restaurants, pubs, and two shopping centers offer plenty of local conveniences.

Coral Springs
Population: 6,969
Crimes per 100,000 people: 4,297
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,100

Designed in 1991 with a Californian theme, Coral Springs is a close-knit, family-friendly community with plenty to offer those searching for apartment rentals. Public schools, nearby shopping and numerous restaurants offer convenience and the neighbourhood has many fun activities to enjoy. In close proximity to many Coral Springs apartments you will find several large parks and a lake offering swimming areas, bike trails, volleyball, hockey, skating and trout fishing. Coral Springs hosts an annual Winter Festival, Corn Roast, and Halloween Dance. Five LRT stations are nearby, multiple bus routes service the neighbourhood and downtown can easily be reached via the Trans-Canada Highway or McKnight Blvd and is just 20 km away.

Population: 14,006
Crimes per 100,000 people: 4,975
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,000

Bordering the beautiful Spruce Meadows Trail and Bridle Creek Wetlands, this residential community is located on the southwest edge of Calgary. Bridlewood is a relatively new suburb, established in 1998 and has multiple public schools and access to shopping and amenities. Bridlewood apartments offer plenty of commuting options with six bus routes and five nearby LRT stations. Close proximity to MacLeod Trail enables commuters to quickly reach the downtown core located 20 km away.  It’s a wonderful choice for those seeking apartment rentals in a family orientated community surrounded by green space and activities for children.

Population: 11,170
Crimes per 100,000 people: 4,555
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $975

Located in Calgary’s northwest, Citadel is a charming neighbourhood formed in 1993 and was designed so that the roads look like spokes and form the shape of a wheel. Bordering the Sarcee Trail to the east and South of Country Hills Blvd, the neighbourhood is lined with trees and walking trails with a large recreational green space located in the center. This family friendly neighbourhood has a public school and plenty of recreational amenities including an outdoor rink, badminton club, soccer fields, basketball courts and public parks. Citadel apartments are located in a very active community with a very useful association that publishes a monthly newsletter. Great transportation options make this a top choice for those seeking apartments for rent as a public bus route as well as five nearby LRT stations serve the neighbourhood and the commute to downtown can be reached in approximately 25 minutes via Highway AB-1A.

Panorama Hills
Population: 28,156
Crimes per 100,000 people: 4,387
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,250

Established in 1996, Panorama Hills is a quiet residential community located in Calgary’s northwest end. The neighbourhood is home to two historical locations, the Reverend George McDougall Cairn memorial site and the John A. Lewis Rock Quarry. Most Panorama Hills apartments have access to multiple libraries and public schools nearby and the community has numerous restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and retail locations. There are four bus routes and several nearby LRT stations that service the area, however, for those seeking apartments for rent, be advised that easily getting around and running errands may be difficult without a car. Close access to Country Hills Blvd and Highway AB-2 gets commuters quickly into the Calgary city center, just over 20 km away. With two skating rinks, a gymnasium and aquatic center, Panorama Hills is an enticing choice, especially for families.

Coventry Hills
Population: 19,038
Crimes per 100,000 people: 4,942
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,200

A suburban residential neighbourhood located in the northeast section of Calgary, Coventry Hills is an attractive community for renters seeking apartments with families. Stoney Trail and Deerfoot Trail highways are close by, providing quick access to the downtown core, 20 km away. Public schools, nearby libraries, plenty of parks, a shopping mall and a neighbouring golf course are just a few of the reasons Coventry Hills is a sought-after community. There is decent public transportation access with four bus routes and several nearby LRT stations, however having a vehicle provides much more flexibility for getting around. You’ll have no trouble adjusting to life in any of the available Coventry Hills apartments.

Population: 20,479
Crimes per 100,000 people: 5,385
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,150

A vibrant residential neighbourhood located in the northeast of Calgary. While living in Taradale apartment rentals you’ll find yourself in a multi-cultural community that has plenty of schools, parks and recreational activities to offer. A wonderful choice for those seeking apartments for rent, the community has two ponds, numerous walking trails and over twenty-five restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Seven bus routes and an LRT station make it easy to rely on public transportation and Taradale offers quick access to McKnight Blvd for the 18km commute to the downtown core.  A major perk of living in Taradale is access to the community Genesis Event Center, a 30,000 SQ foot facility that provides recreation, sports, daycare and afterschool programs as well as activity leagues for adults.

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