Most Affordable Rental Neighbourhoods In Edmonton

The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is a business driven government hub with a stunning skyline and located near some of Canada’s most stunning National Parks and natural resources. With a population of over one million and home to North America’s largest mall spanning 48 blocks, Edmonton is beginning to carve its niche as an exceptional city, diverse with culture and a passionate arts scene. The city is known for its eclectic neighbourhoods, unique restaurants and has been dubbed “Canada’s Festival City’ for the never ending roster of entertainment such as The Fringe Festival, The Folk Festival, The Shakespeare Festival, Symphony in The Sky and even a Bacon Festival. Lauded for friendly citizens, a DIY community spirit and dedicated hockey fans to back-up their beloved Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton apartments for rent are attractive for their overall lower rental prices in a thriving economy.

We reviewed the entire city to find the top 10 most affordable Edmonton neighbourhoods for apartment rentals. The rankings were based on which neighbourhoods had the lowest average 1 bedroom rental rates, while still being located close to local amenities.

Twin Brooks
Population: 7,038
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,020

A peaceful, residential community located in South Edmonton, Twin Brooks is serviced by several bus routes and is conveniently located by Anthony Henday Drive and The Calgary Trail NW, offering commuters quick access to the downtown core just 13 km away. It is bordered by Whitemud Creek and Blackmud Creek, offering plenty of recreational outdoor activities and walking trails. Although there is a lack of commercial establishments such as retail stores and restaurants, this feature is welcomed by many seeking Twin Brooks apartment rentals as it keeps the neighbourhood quiet, with a small town vibe.

Population: 4,841
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,045

A vehicle dependent residential neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton, Haddow is bordered by Anthony Henday Drive and Terwillegar Drive, just 15 km from the city centre. A large park in the centre of the community provides a number of recreational activities for Haddow apartment renters such as a playground, ice rink, tobogganing and walking trails. Haddow is nearby several public transit bus routes, libraries, and public schools but has limited retail and nightlife options.

Terwillegar South
Population: 11,175
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,050

A recent family friendly community that began development in 1995, Terwillegar South is located in southwest Edmonton just 16km from the downtown core and has convenient access to Anthony Henday Drive. The neighbourhood is home to a public and private school with close proximity to numerous other schools and libraries. Transportation options are somewhat limited, however, for those seeking Terwillegar South apartment rentals without access to a vehicle, several bus routes service the neighbourhood and the closest LRT station is 3 km away.

Population: 4,634
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,075

A small, close-knit community located in Edmonton’s Lake District, Mayliewan offers a laid back lifestyle with the convenience of downtown being just 10 km away. The name Mayliewan comes from a Cantonese word that translates into ‘beautiful bay’ and the neighbourhood does not disappoint with its natural scenery, green space, and numerous parks. For those seeking Mayliewan apartments, there are several nearby bus routes and LRT stations as well as a handful of restaurants and coffee shops in the neighbourhood.

Population: 6,624
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,105

A pleasant suburban community located in southwest Edmonton, Ellerslie is 20km from the downtown core. With several public transit bus routes and situated near Anthony Henday Drive and 66th St, residents have multiple options for commuting. The neighbourhood is a popular choice for families seeking Ellerslie apartment rentals as it offers many sport and recreation activities for children in addition to having a very active community association and neighbourhood patrol. There are over 35 restaurants and coffee shops within Ellerslie and major retail centres such as South Edmonton Common and Mill Woods Town Centre are just a few minutes away.

Population: 6,779
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,150

Located in the north of Edmonton and near the military base, Klarvatten is bordered by Anthony Henday Drive, 167 Avenue, 82nd Street and 91 Street, offering convenient access for traveling and reaching nearby shopping centres, libraries, and public schools. The quaint neighbourhood features wetlands, a large stormwater lake, and generous park space offering a wide range of outdoor activities, perfect for nature enthusiasts seeking Klarvatten apartment rentals. There are several bus routes that service Klarvatten and LRT stations several kilometers away, although overall it is a car-dependent neighbourhood.

Population: 5,222
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,150

Located 12 km north of downtown Edmonton, Baturyn is a residential community situated nearby the military base and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. There are decent public transportation options with seven bus lines servicing the neighbourhood in addition to excellent commuting convenience from being bordered by 97th and 112th Streets. Baturyn is home to many families, has public schools, parks and after school activities making it an attractive option for Baturyn apartment rentals. In addition, there is a handful of restaurants, coffee shops, and bars offering dining and entertainment options moments from your doorstep.

Population: 13,353
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,200

Rutherford lies 20 km southwest of downtown Edmonton and is part of the Heritage Valley region bordered by 9th Ave to the east and 25th Ave to the south. This scenic residential community was designed with pedestrian convenience in mind and has an extensive network throughout the neighbourhood that connects to popular activity areas such as numerous public green spaces and recreation spots as well as the Virginia Park Woodlands. Several public transit bus routes run through the neighbourhood and the Century Park LRT station is just 3km away, providing decent transportation options for those seeking Rutherford apartment rentals without access to a vehicle.

The Hamptons
Population: 13,416
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,215

A recent neighbourhood that began development in the early 2000’s, The Hamptons is conveniently located near several major roadways including Anthony Henday Drive, 62nd, and 45th Ave. The community was designed with ample walkways, conveniently located parks and plans on developing two public schools in the near future. Located 20km west of downtown Edmonton, The Hamptons is attractive to many people seeking apartments for rent because of its modern design and family friendly atmosphere.  Although there are two bus routes that service the neighbourhood, most commercial establishments are located in nearby Glastonbury, making this community fairly car-dependent.

Population: 5,254
Average 1 Bedroom Rental Rate: $1,220

Located in southwest Edmonton, Duggan is a vibrant community that is within a moment’s reach of major amenities such as the Southgate Shopping Centre and LRT station, but still maintains a laid-back and suburban charm. There are several bus routes serving the neighbourhood and being bordered by Gateway Blvd and 49th Ave provide quick commuting options. There are lots of good reasons to search for apartments in Duggan. It has a family-focused community and plenty of activities such as a skating rink, multiple parks, and an annual soccer tournament.

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